Fix Insider Program Settings Page is Empty or Blank in Windows 10

Many people are testing free versions of Windows 10 on their computers to help Microsoft improve the Windows 10 operating system.

These previews are regularly updated by Windows Update, but several users who use Windows 10 Insider previews have reported problems downloading new versions. You cannot see the new preview versions in Windows Update. Windows Update indicates that your device is up to date and no new updates are available, even if you are using an older version of Windows 10.

If you also have this problem and the new versions of Windows 10 do not appear on your computer with Windows Update, the following steps will help you to solve the problem and download the RTM version without problems. read more

Fix Error Code 0xd0000189 on Xbox One

Error code 0xd0000189 on the Xbox One is a common error code you may encounter when installing or launching games or applications. The error is usually caused by problems with Xbox Live.

In most cases, the 0xd0000189 error code is accompanied by a “Wait a full minute, then try again” error message that prompts the user to restart their console – but many affected users have reported that restarting the console does not solve the problem for them.

If you are also affected by this error, here are some troubleshooting tips to help you fix error code 0xd0000189 on Xbox One with step-by-step instructions. read more

How to Repair Xbox One Error Code 0x8b050066

Some Xbox One console users have contacted us with questions after receiving error 0x8b050066 during the installation phase of a game. For most reported incidents, users receive this error for multiple game titles. And since some affected users see this error on digital games, there is no possibility of a scratched hard drive.

If the 0x8b050066 error is currently occurring on your Xbox One console and you are looking for a solution that will allow you to install and play the game, this article provides several troubleshooting steps. Below are a series of potential fixes that other users in a similar situation have successfully used to resolve the 0x8b050066 error. read more

How to Fix Can’t Edit your Avatar on Xbox One

If you have a new Xbox One console and you’re now trying to customize the profile by changing the avatar, but you’re having problems? You’re not alone, as several users have reported similar problems on Microsoft’s community forum.

Perform a Factory Reset while Keeping your Games

You should use this option as your first choice for troubleshooting. It will reset the operating system and remove all potentially corrupted data without deleting your games or applications. This will prevent you from downloading or reinstalling large game files. In some cases, if a corrupted game file is the cause of the problem you want to fix, you may need to select Reset and Delete All, but you should always first Reset and Retain My Games and Applications, then save Reset and, as a last resort, Delete All. read more

How to Fix OneDrive Full Admin Rights Error

If you see the error message about the OneDrive error with full administrator privileges when you try to run the application, you are not alone.

The UAC allows an administrator to run OneDrive as normal

But why does OneDrive even work in the customer’s management account? Why doesn’t the software complain when it starts OneDrive normally on the desktop?

The answer can be found in Microsoft’s User Account Control (UAC) security feature. By default, interactively launched applications run with lower non-administrative privileges. This happens to all accounts – including administrators. OneDrive seems to need this context with lower privileges to do its job. In fact, Microsoft confirms in this OneDrive Desktop FAQ that the UAC allows an administrator to start OneDrive. If we removed the UAC from the equation (by right-clicking on OneDrive.exe and selecting “Run as administrator”), we were able to reproduce the error immediately. read more

How to Fix Windows Application Error 0xc0150004

Many Windows users have encountered a strange problem in which they suddenly find themselves unable to run any type of installation program that is normally used to install or uninstall applications. The resulting application error code is 0xc0150004. It turns out that the problem is not limited to a specific version of Windows, as is the case with Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.

What is the cause of application error 0xc0150004?

We investigated this particular problem by reviewing various user reports and testing the different repair strategies used by the affected users to bypass this error code. It turns out that several scenarios could lead to the occurrence of 0xc0150004. Here is a short list of potential culprits that could be responsible for this annoying configuration error: read more

Turn Off Battery Health Management on Mac

Apple has implemented a new battery management feature on MacOS Catalina 10.15.5 that aims to “improve the battery life of your Mac laptop”. While this feature may be useful for most users, some people may want to disable it since it is enabled by default. But before we get started, here’s how the new MacOS battery management works.

Battery management is enabled by default with MacOS Catalina 10.15.5, either on a new MacBook or for users who have upgraded to the latest version of MacOS. Users can disable and enable this feature at any time, just like under iOS. read more

How to Mute Channels on Slack

Slack is a time saver. Slack frees up your inbox, allows you to hold desktop discussions on any topic, and – perhaps best of all – allows you to create custom emojis of your colleagues’ faces. Slack also bombards you with notifications, causes unnecessary conversations, and has probably stolen valuable hours from your productivity at work.

It’s time to clean house. Use these tips to get your Slack in shape.

Luckily, the developers of Slack have done their job and created just enough features to let you work with the tool without losing the rest of your patience. read more

Fix Windows Update Error 0x800704c7

The 0x800704c7 error is a common problem that can be caused by various reasons such as missing or damaged files and program conflicts. The 0x800704c7 error is usually associated with Windows Update, but it can occur at any time and interrupt any activity you might be doing.

This error is known to occur on Windows 7/8 / 8.1 & 10 based systems and can occur in many different ways depending on the situation. As we all know, common activities such as web browsing cause the 0x800704c7 error.

Some people have also reported that when backing up Windows files, running Windows Update and accessing Microsoft OneDrive, the 0x800704c7 error code occurs. This is an issue that many computer users are familiar with. Here is a more detailed explanation of the reasons for the “0x800704c7” error in Windows Update. read more

Fix: You’re syncing a different account error in OneDrive for Mac

If you decide to change the email address and password of your Microsoft account, OneDrive may not be able to accept the change and you may receive the following error message: “You are synchronizing another account. Here’s what you can do to solve the problem.

In addition to the message above, you will see the description:

You’re already syncing a personal OneDrive on this computer. Unlink that account to add a new one.

You cannot log in to OneDrive and the error “You’re syncing a different account” appears. This error may occur after you have changed your Microsoft account password. read more