How to quickly resize the Explorer program window to an exact size

Say that you need to resize your open explorer or program window to a certain exact predefined size, and that you have to do it often ! How do you do that? Use Freeware Sizer!

Sizer is a free program that allows you to resize each window to an exact and predefined size using the context menu of the right mouse button. You can also move the reduced window to an exactly preset position if necessary.

This is very useful when designing web pages, as it allows you to see how the page will look smaller.

The utility is also useful when compiling screenshots for documentation, with Sizer you can simply keep the same window size for all screenshots. read more

More broken Windows wallpapers for your desktop

A few days ago, we presented a large collection of broken wallpapers for Windows computers. If you liked this collection, you should also take a look at these broken wallpapers!

Click on thumbnails to visit respective download pages.

It looks like is not available – so not all images are linked.

You might also be interested in this horrible collection of broken wallpapers or this collection of glass cut wallpapers!

Add mouse gestures to your Windows mouse with simple gestures

Mouse gestures converts a specific pattern you create with the mouse on your computer screen into a command. Some of them, especially Firefox, Maxthon, Chrome-Browser, etc.. Users can be familiar with mouse gestures.

Just Gestures is a freeware that allows you to create mouse gestures with custom actions by combining mouse movements and clicks. It recognizes the gestures you make and calls the corresponding actions.

Mouse gestures are executed by holding down the right mouse button and moving the mouse along a curve. When the right button is released, a specific action is performed read more

Screensaver Dog licking and chatting licking for Windows

If you like screensavers and if you like dogs or cats, you should try this Licking Dog and Licking Cat screensaver for your Windows computer.

Lick dog screensaver for Windows

The Licking Dog screensaver has a pug that licks your screen cleanly, from the inside !

This little pug’>This little pug will carefully’lick’ the screen out of the computer. The whole scene is a fun screensaver that you can watch when your PC is idle!

Licking Cat Screensaver for Windows

In Licking Cat Screensaver, a cat does the same thing and licks the whole screen without leaving a single area intact. read more

Aero Glass Desktop Gadget Pack for Windows 7

This is mostly for desktop gadget freaks ! If desktop gadgets are your thing, you should try this Aero Glass Gadget Pack for your Windows desktop.

The gadget pack contains about 16 aerodynamic glass gadgets. There’s a clock, calendar, CPU screen, news feed, media player and more!

You do not need to install each separately.
Simply run the installation program. It may take some time for all gadgets to appear on your desktop, so be patient. Of course, you can also close those that you do not need individually. read more

Learn about the programs on your Windows computer that access the Internet

You have sometimes opened only one web page and yet your modem light may be actively flashing, indicating continuous data transfer. Outside your browser, there are programs that can access the Internet from your Windows PC without your knowledge.

TCPEye review

Discover which programs access the Internet, load and use TCPEye, a freeware !

TCPEye is a network monitoring software that displays a list of all currently open TCP/IP and UDP ports on your local computer.

For each port in the list, information about the process that opened the port is also displayed, including the process name, full process path, process version information (product name, file description, etc.), the time the process was created and the user who created it, country name + flag. read more

Windows 7 Tips & Tricks and Optimized Desktop E-Book for Government

I came across these two less known Microsoft Windows eBooks. One is a Windows 7 eBook Tips & Tricks, focused on government organizations, and the other The desktop eBook optimized for government agencies Both seem to have been released in 2009, but still interesting to read !

Tips & Tricks eBook ! For example, to view drives that are not currently in use, click Computers on the Start menu. Press ALT to display the computer’s folder menus. On the Tools menu, click Folder Options, and then click the View tab. To view available drives, clear the Hide empty drives check boxes in the Computer folder. read more

Repair corrupted and damaged files with File Repair

It is possible that you cannot extract the contents of a compressed file because it is damaged or damaged. In times like these freeware File Repair could be a real lifesaver.

File Repair is a free tool that allows you to repair damaged words, compressed images, videos and music. PDF file on your Windows computer.

It can repair the following types of files :

      • Word documents (.doc,.docx,.docm,.rtf)
      • Excel tables (.xls,.xla,.xla,.xlsx)
      • Database access (.mdb,.mdb, . mde,…). accdb,.accde)
      • PowerPoint presentations (.ppt,.pps,.pptx)
      • Zip or RAR archives (.zip,.rar)
      • PDF files (.avi,.mp4,.mov,.flv,.wmv,.asf,.asf. mpg)
      • Music files (. mp3,.wav)
      • Image files (.jpg,.jpeg,.gif,.tiff,.bmp,.bmp,. png)

      File Repair can correct the following error types :

          • The file cannot be read
          • The file is not accessible
          • The file is not in a recognizable format
          • The application or software cannot open the file type represented by the file name.
              • Memory error or low system resources.

              It repairs files that have been corrupted for the following reasons:

                  • Malware infection
                  • Power failure

                  Go to the home page to download this application. read more

Extended Event Viewer for Windows 7 available

Windows provides a nice tool to display the event logs of our Windows operating system. This tool is called the Event Viewer. However, some functions such as automatic search and display of new events, etc. are not available.

Technet Blogger Sateesh has developed an application that extends this functionality and makes browsing the event log faster and easier.

Functions of this viewer:

  • Easy navigation between newspapers.
  • Easy to filter events.
  • Simple search.
  • Click to access.
  • Connect to the event log of the remote device.
  • Listener to automatically display a new event entry.
  • Better usability and much more.

Would you like to try it? Visit Technet blogs!

Event Log Manager and Event Log Explorermay also interest you! Please also visit our Windows Event Viewer Plus. read more

Scrapbook Studio – A new digital scrapbooking freeware

Wondershare Scrapbook Studio is a free software that facilitates digital scrapbooking using predefined templates.

You can easily transform your photos into artistic compositions for any occasion.


  • Ready-to-use templates Start with built-in templates and create your digital scrapbooking programs with ease and fun. Turn your favorite photos into scrapbooks, greeting cards, photo calendars and more.
  • Embellishments Various elements are included in templates and pages. You can select and combine background, paper, decoration, borders and stamps to create your unique layout.
  • Trim and filter Trim, move, resize or rotate photos and apply filter effects. You can also add stunning shapes to your photo or paper, stack each element and group a creative design as you wish.
  • Text effects Curves, stretching, formatting and mixing your text into catchy patterns. Enhance your text by adding shadows, outlines, angles, blur or opacity, etc.
  • read more