How to Repair Power Kernel BSOD Error 70368744177664

Some users had a critical crash of the Power Kernel BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) error 70368744177664, where the system was automatically restarted without warning. Most of the users involved report that the problem occurs when they play a game or do something that requires a lot of system resources. While investigating the problem, some concerned users discovered a recurrent critical error in kernel power in the Event Viewer. In most reported cases, the problem occurs on Windows 10 and Windows 8. read more

How To: Find or View/Print HomeGroup Password

The HomeGroup feature is a simplified Microsoft solution that allows file sharing between all computers on your home network. With HomeGroup, you can share photos, music and video files, various Office documents and even printers. You can also allow other family members to edit the files you have shared. In this article, we will learn how to find your home group password under Windows 10.

Viewing and resetting your home group password under Windows 10

Create a home group

To create a home group on a Windows 10 computer, do the following: read more

How To: Convert DjVu to PDF

If you have ever wondered what a DjVu file is, you have just arrived at the right place: The short answer is that it is a portable file format like Adobe PDF that is mainly used for e-books and scanned documents. The DjVu file format uses the extensions.djvu and.djv.

DjVu was originally developed by AT&T and is used as an image compression technology, which is an open source alternative to PDF. It allows the distribution of digitized documents, photos and images at very high resolution on the Internet. There are a number of DjVu viewers, browser plugins, encoders and decoders available on Mac and Windows. read more

How to Repair: Putty Network Error Connection Refused

This error means that the network connection that PuTTY wanted to establish with your server was rejected by the server. This usually happens because the server does not provide the service PuTTY is trying to access.

Check if you are connecting to the correct protocol (SSH, Telnet or Rlogin) and if the port number is correct. If this is not possible, contact your server administrator.

The PuTTY application of Telnet and Secure Shell or SSH terminal emulator provides the user with a simple interface for these relatively advanced Internet functions. Although the application makes great efforts to provide a seamless experience, from time to time server-side errors such as “Connection Refused” can occur. With a little information, PuTTY users can work with server administrators to solve these connection problems. read more

Fix The Local Device Name is Already in Use Error (Solved)

You may receive an error message “The name of the local device is already used” when you try to restore a network association connection to a shared network folder on a Windows XP client.

This problem can occur if you connect to the Windows XP client with a different connection type than the one you use to connect to the file server. If you have created the network drive on a local area network (LAN) using your current user data, the association information does not contain any user information. When you connect to the computer, the operating system only makes a partial connection for sharing and the network drive is considered used. Later, when you access the network drive, the connection is fully restored. read more

Fix Photoshop Unable to Create/Open New Files

Photoshop CS6, the latest addition to Adobe Creative Suite, includes powerful photo and graphics editing tools. However, this software is not without frustration, and many users of online forums complain about bugs that prevent the saving or opening of files. These bugs have never been officially fixed by Adobe, but a few tips might help you fix them so you can reopen your files.

Enable OpenGL display

Editing – Settings – Performance. Clear the Enable [ ] OpenGL display check box. Close Photoshop and restart it. read more

How to Fix: Telnet is not Recognized Error

Telnet is one of the most popular commands to check network connectivity, and for some reason, it is not installed by default in the higher version of the Windows operating system. This causes an error to occur when you run Telnet at the command prompt.

Error message:

‘‘Telnet’ is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file‘

Enabling the Windows Telnet function

For the system administrators among us. Telnet is a Windows feature that you can install in the Control Panel under Enable or disable Windows features. read more

Fix Windows Reporting Wrong Hard Disk Free Space Issue

Several users encountered a problem when Windows Explorer showed incorrect or incorrect use of the disk in the drive properties. This article explains how to solve this problem.

You will probably notice something strange about the amount of free space on your hard drive when you look closely. If you right-click on your C drive: in Windows, you will see a certain space called “used space” – in the next screenshot, the hard disk contains 279 GB of files.

However, if you select all the files on your disk C: : (including hidden files and Windows system files), right-click on them and select Properties, you will notice something strange. The space required by the files does not correspond to the space required on your hard disk. We have here files worth 272 GB on our drive C: – but Windows uses 279 GB of disk space. That’s a difference of about 7 GB – where did all those GB go? read more

How To: Merge or Delete an OEM Partition in Windows 10

The OEM partition is designed for system recovery or factory recovery. It allows users to easily and quickly restore the system to its original state in the event of a system failure or crash. This partition is usually delivered with Dell, Lenovo or HP computers. And some people want to delete OEM partitions to create more space because they don’t intend to reset the device to the factory default values.

Merge or delete an OEM partition on Windows

The Windows Disk Management Tool does not allow you to delete/merge the OEM partition. You must use the integrated Diskpart command line utility. read more

(Solved) Urlmon.dll Is Missing or Not Found Error Fix

Urlmon.dll is used by Microsoft software to download the Object Linking And Embedding library to your PC. It is essentially a framework of files and settings that your software will use to integrate hyperlinks and other “objects” into your programs. If you have errors caused by this file, it indicates that you have a problem with the file or software that is trying to use it.

The Urlmon.dll error message may appear if this DLL file becomes inaccessible OR if the operating system cannot recover this file. Sometimes urlmon.dll errors can indicate a registration problem, a computer virus or malware problem, or even a hardware failure. read more