Error C000001D is an illegal declaration. The most common reason is binary corruption, such as a DLL, or in this case cv2.pyd.

There are several ways to damage it. You can have transferred or copied it as a text file, for example. Another common problem is the execution of a 64-bit code file on 32-bit hardware, or perhaps a 64-bit binary file with a 32-bit python, or any combination of the two.

You can also run code on a completely different set of commands or code file format, for example copy ARM code and expect it to run on Intel or Linux (ELF) under Windows (PE COFF). read more

How to Solve and Fix Error 0x800B0109

Error 0x800B0109 means that a certificate string has been processed but ended with a root certificate that the trusted provider does not trust.

One of the steps is also to install the client certificate on the local computer, which must be derived from the root certificate used in the VPN configuration. This is the basic authentication mechanism used by the Azure gateway. However, if you have done so and still receive the above error, then the gateway certificate (client certificate) does not seem to be correctly installed on your local computer. read more

Repair BIOS Update Error 0x00000406 (Solved)

A Dell Latitude E6400 with Windows10 and an Intel Core2, 64bit, Bios A11 processor. When the user tries to update the bios to A34, the message “Application Error Return: 0x00000406” appears.

Update BIOS

To troubleshoot a boot error after a faulty BIOS update in 6 steps

  • Reset CMOS
  • Try to start in safe mode.
  • Customize BIOS settings
  • Flash BIOS again
  • New installation of the system
  • Replace your motherboard

Disable Anti-malware protection

Also make sure you have disabled/uninstalled all other real-time third-party antimalware products installed on your PC to check if the update is affected by the firewall.

Disconnecting USB drives

If your system is configured to use USB keys as the first boot device and you leave a non-bootable USB key connected to your system (directly or to a USB hub connected to your system), your system will not boot. Solution? Unplug the power plug and restart your system. read more

How to Fix: Windows 7 Activation Error 0x8007232B

Error 0x8007232b occurs when users attempt to activate Windows after installing the operating system from a volume license support, or when the KMS Activation Server has failed.

Depending on the version of Windows, users may not be asked to provide a valid product key during the initial installation. This behavior triggers error 0x8007232b when users attempt to perform activation using the standard Windows Activation Wizard.

Although these are in fact two different errors, they are essentially linked. As I mentioned briefly in the introduction to this article, these two error codes only occur when you try to activate Windows 8. In fact, these two error codes are so closely related that they have the same cause and therefore all possible solutions for error code 0x8007232b work as well as for error code 0x8007007b. read more

How To Repair: MS Outlook Error Code 0x800cc0f

0×800ccc0f Error message “Your server has unexpectedly disconnected” when sending an SMTP e-mail message

This problem may seem to arise out of nowhere. One day everything is fine, the next day Microsoft Outlook complains about the 0×800ccc0f error when trying to send emails.

It is important that Microsoft products conflict with Microsoft products, such as MS Window Firewall, which blocks MS Outlook. Check if any of the following scenarios apply to you and follow the steps to solve the problem. read more

Outlook Error Code 0x8000CCC0D Repaired

The Outlook 0x8000CCC0D error is simply a connection error – it’s in the error message. How to fix the Outlook 0x8000CCC0D error requires a small survey.

Outlook and Outlook Express both report this error number if they cannot find or connect to your mail server.

Understanding what is happening is quite easy. The repair requires some additional information.

Unfortunately, many people seem to focus on the error number at the end – 0x800ccc0d. This can be useful, and the search is easy, but they do not have all the additional information that Outlook provides in error. More precisely, this: read more

Repairing 0x00000006 Error Adding Printer (Solved)

When you add a network printer, an error message may appear: “Windows cannot connect to the printer. The operation failed with error 0x00000006.” Users could not print on the network printer due to this error.

How to fix the Print Operation Failed Error 0x00000006:

Using Regedit

  1. To solve this problem, open regedit & navigate to HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Print\Providers.
  2. For security reasons, backup the main suppliers of client-side rendering printing.
  3. Then delete the Client Side Rendering Print Providers key.
  4. Close regedit.
  5. Restart the Print Winding Winder service.

Now try adding the printer again and you should not have any errors.

Uninstall the current printer driver.

This step is optional. Uninstall the network printer drivers to which you cannot connect if you have already installed it.

1. to do this, go to :

Windows 7 & Vista: Start > Control Panel.
Windows XP: Start > Settings > Control Panel read more

How To Repair Stop Error 0x000000a5 (BSOD)

The error 0x000000a5 is the stop error, which is also described as the Blue Screen of Death error. The error code 0x000000a5 appears mainly due to an error in the ACPI BIOS. This error message on your computer screen indicates that the Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI) BIOS of the computer system is not compatible with your Windows system and is not fully certified according to ACPI specifications.

Normally, this will cause a sudden system shutdown or an unexpected restart of your system. Blue error codes such as 0x000000a5 are the most serious and dangerous errors that Windows can encounter. read more

Fixing Backup and Restore Error (0x80030002)

The correction of the backup and restore error 0x80030002 may occur due to incorrect backup and restore settings. The problem only occurs with my account; other people using the computer do not receive the message.

The complete error message is similar to this one:

An internal error has occurred
%1 could not be found. (0x80030002)

Here are some methods that will help you correct the error 0x80030002:

Perform a clean boot on Windows


The clean boot is performed to start Windows with a minimum of drivers and boot programs. This avoids software conflicts that occur when you install a program, update or run a program. read more

Repair Windows Update Error 0xc0190036

We all know that Microsoft releases different versions of Service Packs to overcome the limitations of the Windows operating system and increase the reliability and compatibility of the system with many applications. These free distributed Service Packs can be downloaded directly from the Internet and must be installed on the computer in time to ensure stable performance.

Although it is not easy to perform this task smoothly, because you sometimes get annoying error messages from Windows Update such as Windows Update Error 0xc0190036. Such errors prevent you from successfully installing the desired updates. But you’ve come to the right place because I’ll show you how to effectively fix these Windows update errors. read more