To solve the display problem of the stretched screen under Windows 10

There may be an instance where you can see that fonts and images on your desktop are stretched vertically or horizontally. The stretched desktop screen makes the font appear larger and unclear, so it adapts the entire screen content to the screen. This distorts the entire screen and makes it difficult to read the contents of the desktop. It should also be mentioned that the desktop screen looks tense when the desktop pixels are irregular and broken, which stretches the image horizontally or vertically. The problem with the stretched display can be caused either by an incorrect configuration of the screen resolution, which is usually caused by a few random keys, or by the use of some defective graphics drivers. In this article, we discuss some solutions to solve the problem. read more

The deleted keyboard reappears each time the PC starts

Windows 10 supports multiple keyboard installations on your PC. This is useful for those who need to use multiple languages for their work. You may have tried this out of curiosity, and even after removing these keyboards from your profile, they reappear every time you start your PC. The problem is most visible during the login screen. In this article, we show you how you can prevent deleted keyboards from reappearing.

The deleted keyboard appears every time the PC starts

This problem occurs especially if you have multiple accounts on your Windows 10 PC. Some users may use multiple keyboards, and it seems that this setting applies to all other accounts, even if the user has not activated them himself. Understand this as a global framework for all users. It removes the settings from the clean installation, and the only way to change them is to copy them from the Control Panel. read more

Correction of surface coverage or keyboard typing problems

Surface Type Cover or Microsoft keyboard is one of the company’s best keyboards for its flagship. You get the best experience, and almost the same experience you get on traditional keyboards. However, as they are thin, have a different technique, the problems are not very far away. Although we have already seen how a small amount of dust can cause connection problems, imagine if you don’t see anything even if you type. This guide shows you how to solve surface coverage or keyboarding problems. read more

Windows could not connect to your Bluetooth network device

If you try to connect your Bluetooth device to your Windows 10 PC but receive an error message Windows could not connect to your Bluetooth network device, you must do the following to resolve your problem. This error message may appear when you try to connect your mobile phone or other Bluetooth device to your Windows 10 computer. The complete error message looks like this:

Windows could not connect to your Bluetooth network device. It may be off, out of range or cannot be configured to accept connections. Refer to your device documentation to configure your device to accept connections. read more

To move OneNote 2016 laptops from a Windows PC to a OneDrive drive

This article shows how to move OneNote 2016 notebooks from your Windows computer to Onedrive. A new feature allows you not only to save the OneNote 2016 notebook to OneDrive, but also to transfer other files.

Microsoft’s OneNote Notebook is a popular program for collecting and storing information to take notes and share them over the Internet. In simple terms, it is a digital form of a material notebook. The original version of OneNote is OneNote 2016, which was first released for Microsoft Office 2016. Notes in this release are stored locally on computer peripherals. The latest version is simply called OneNote and is preinstalled in Windows 10. read more

To use Snap Assist on Windows 10

Snap Assist is a feature of Windows 10 that is not used by many people. Although this feature is enabled by default on all Windows 10 PCs, it is used by very few users. This article explains how to use Snap Assist on your Windows 10 PC. After Snap Assist had a limited number of features in Windows 7, there have now been some advanced features and feature enhancements. Snap Assist helps you easily organize your windows and space, increasing your productivity.

Snap Assist on your Windows 10 PC allows you to place up to four windows on a single screen, which will certainly increase your productivity because you can always write in a window while keeping an eye on upcoming tweets on your Twitter account. read more

The remote computer requires network level authentication

If you cannot remotely connect to your Windows computer and you receive a message The remote computer requires network level authentication, this message may help. Users reported that they received this error on systems connected to the domain, even if Network Level Authentication or NLA is enabled.

The remote computer requires network-level authentication

The message variants you can see are:

The remote computer requires network-level authentication that your computer does not support. Contact your system administrator or technical support read more

How to fix the use of Search Indexer High Disk or CPU in Windows 10

as files on this player can be indexed in addition to the file properties.Check the.

Click Apply followed by OK

Restart your computer for the changes to take effect.

Turn off Windows Search Index

Press WINKEY + R to open the Run window.

In the Run window , enter services.msc and press Enter

The Services window opens.

In this window you get a huge list of services that work with Windows and make things work. Select Windows Search from the list and right-click it.

Now click on Properties

Select Startup Type for Off and be sure to stop the service. read more

The application has been blocked for access to graphics hardware under Windows 10

It can happen several times that programs on your Windows 10 PC are denied access to graphics hardware. This message indicates that one application has been locked for access to the graphics card. One of the most common scenarios is when your PC crashes for some reason when you play a game. This has the effect of misconfiguring the driver, and when an application attempts to access the graphics driver, it simply fails. This manual describes how to repair a locked Windows 10 application to access graphics hardware errors. read more

Impossible to delete a Windows 10 language

Windows has supported multiple languages since the beginning. Now you can even install multiple languages on your PC. You can use one for display, while others can be used for input, and so on. However, Windows 10 also supports the ability to change languages quickly, making it easier to switch between languages as you type. Many are not able to delete a language from Windows 10 1803. read more