How to Repair “Driver Verifier Detected Violation” Issue on Windows 10

The “Driver verifier detected violation” error message is a common BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) problem that can lead to hours of freezing at startup. Some users have also reported that this BSOD error occurs in cycles on their devices. The good news is that this problem can easily be solved by performing a few workarounds and making some changes to system settings.

In this article, you’ll learn everything you need to know about what a driver validation error is, what causes it, and how to overcome this BSOD hurdle and get your device back up and running. read more

How to Resolve “Cannot Open Volume for Direct Access” Error Message in Windows 10

If you find the error message “Cannot open direct access drive” on your SD card or other storage devices, this article is for you. In this piece, you will learn more about this error, its causes, and effective solutions to fix it. Before we get to the details, we first want to know more about the error.

What causes the “Disk cannot be opened for direct access” message?

  • The disk is corrupt.
  • The disk has bad traces.
  • The hard disk’s file system is corrupt.
  • The hard disk has a physical error or is damaged.
  • The drive is blocked by a third-party application or service.

How can I solve the “Disk cannot be opened for direct access” problem?

Format the corrupted drive read more

How to Troubleshoot Bluetooth Driver Error in Windows 10

The Bluetooth drivers in Windows 10 allow you to connect all wireless and Bluetooth-enabled devices to your computer. However, if the Bluetooth drivers are outdated, they can’t connect to your computer, which leads to various problems.

Fortunately, this article will tell you how to get rid of all the serious Bluetooth driver problems and how to find the best solutions to fix Bluetooth problems on your computer.

What causes Bluetooth driver errors in Windows 10?

  • Rapid power fluctuations can damage system components, leading to errors.
  • Most Windows device driver problems are caused by missing, corrupt, or outdated drivers.
  • In such cases, the system cannot recognize certain hardware drivers because they are hidden.

How to repair Bluetooth driver errors in Windows 10?


How to Repair 0x80072f8f Error Message on Windows Computers

Windows activation error code 0x80072F8F may occur when trying to activate Windows 7 or Windows Vista. According to Microsoft, error 0x80072F8F occurs due to a security error when trying to activate your copy of Windows.

What causes error 0x80072f8f on a Windows PC?

In most cases, the error is due to an error in your system’s date and time settings. However, there may be other reasons that prevent you from updating or activating, such as the Windows firewall, an error in your DLL files, an incorrect proxy server, or corrupted files. read more

How to Eliminate “Windows Service Error” in Windows 10

If your computer shows the error message “Failed to connect to Windows service”, the average user cannot connect to the device until the administrator solves the problem first. Just follow these simple steps on your computer and the problem will be resolved quickly.

What causes “Windows service error” in Windows 10?

  • The main reason for this “Failed to connect to Windows service” error is that Windows was unable to start or connect to the Windows services needed to perform system operations.
  • Most often, this error occurs when your computer crashes after rebooting during a Windows update.
  • In most cases, this error message is caused by the loss of important registry settings needed to initialize the Group Policy Client service.
  • The “Windows service connection failed” error message can also be caused by the Windows font caching service, the Windows event logging service, the system event notification service, or another service.

How do I fix the “Windows service error” in Windows 10?


How to Solve “Windows Couldn’t Connect to the Printer” Error Message

If you are using Windows 11 and recently updated your system with the cumulative update KB5006746, you may have printing problems. If you try to print documents after the update, you may get an error message that says Windows failed to connect to the printer. This is a common error reported by many users, and this problem mostly occurs after the KB5006746 update.

It’s interesting to note that the cumulative update KB5006746 was released to address printing issues in Windows 11. While the update helped most users, some had additional printer issues. read more

How to Resolve ‘The Remote Device or Resource Won’t Accept the Connection’ Issue in Windows 10

Can’t access the Internet on your computer? Does it indicate limited connectivity? Whatever the reason, the first thing to do is simply run a network diagnostic, which in this case will show you the error message “Remote device or resource does not accept the connection”.

What causes the “the remote device or resource won’t accept the connection” problem in Windows PC?

The cause of the “Remote device or resource does not accept the connection” error usually depends on the Internet traffic that is transmitted when using the browser. If you configure your PC to use a proxy server, all Internet requests will be routed to your proxy server, and the proxy server will handle all Internet traffic. read more

How to Repair ‘Msmpeng.Exe High Ram’ Issue on Windows PC

The MsMpEng.exe file is an important component of Windows Security (Windows Defender) that scans your computer for threats, stops them, and installs antimalware updates. It can be found in the Task Manager under the name “Antimalware service executable”.

MsMpEng.exe/Antimalware Service Executable allows Windows Defender to continuously monitor your computer for potential threats and provide real-time protection against malware and cyber-attacks.

On this page, we offer you several ways to eliminate high CPU or memory load by MsMpEng.exe/Antimalware Service Executable so that your computer continues to run smoothly. read more

Basic features of Microsoft Surface Dial in Surface Studio

Most of the innovative things Surface Dial can do with Surface Studio, Surface And pro, Surface Book 2 can also be done with Surface Book, Surface Laptop, and Surface Pro 4.

Now you can use it! Note. Surface Dial works on screen with Surface Studio (1st generation), Surface Studio 2, Surface Book 2, Surface Pro 4, Surface Pro (5th generation), and Surface Pro 6.

Press and hold the Surface Dial to see more tools in the wheel menu. Turn the dial left or right to highlight the tool you want to use. To select a tool, press and release, then start drawing. read more

Windows Network Error: “The specified network name is no longer available”

This error usually occurs when the client is trying to access a shared network device or does not support the SMB protocol. It can also happen when access to a network resource is blocked or due to faulty antivirus software or a firewall.

To go to Control Panel and open Programs and Features.
Click Turn Windows features on or off.
Check the file support feature for the SMB 1.0/CIFS share and click OK.
Restart your computer.

Click Add.
Click “Client” and then “Add”.
Click Microsoft, Client, For Microsoft Networks, and then click OK.
click OK.
If prompted to restart your computer, do so.

Open the control panel.
Select Network and Internet > Network and Sharing Center > Advanced sharing options.
Select Enable network discovery.
Select “Turn on printer sharing” and under “Private”.
Select Save Changes. read more