How To Repair Circular Kernel Context Logger Error 0xc0000035

Many Windows users encounter the “Circular Kernel Context Logger” error session, which did not start with the following error: 0xc0000035. Damage to the Windows operating system is the main cause of problems with the Circular Kernel Context Logger 0xc0000035.

Microsoft-Windows-Kernel-EventTracing’ seems to work with the Circular Kernel Context Logger’ at each system startup. These components are part of the performance diagnosis.

The error code “0xc0000035” is returned as “STATUS_OBJECT_NAME_COLLISION”. This error code was associated with a dual domain security identifier (SID) that was detected even if the event recorder was full and the session of the circular core context recorder could not be started. read more

Fixing 0x80244022 Error – Windows 10 Preview Update Fails to Download

If you received an error code 0x80244022 in the middle of a Windows update, do not panic. Many users also had these headaches. This error means that your Windows 10 installation folder is not finished and/or is corrupted. Well, how do we fix it?

This error may occur if the Windows Update service encounters errors when connecting to the Microsoft Update website, downloading, installing updates, etc. It is not always clear why this error occurs, so it is recommended to perform a system diagnosis to correct the cause of the problem. read more

Outlook 0x80040900 Error During Send/Receive Fixed

The Outlook “0x80040900” error often occurs if you have incorrectly specified the mail server name (or ports) in the Outlook account settings, or if you cannot reach the mail server due to Internet connection problems. In all these cases, you will receive the following error message during the Outlook sending/receiving process: “Task’’ – Receiving a reported error (0x80040900): The server name you entered cannot be found on the network (it may have temporarily failed) Check if you are connected and if the server name is correct”. read more

Outlook Error 0x800ccc78 Unable Send Message Repair

“Outlook Error 0x800ccc78 Unable Send Message” is one of the Outlook errors that is becoming a problem for many professionals. When sending an important email or a chat with an online lead, if you see an error: “Send the reported error 0x800CCC78 : “It is not possible to send the message. Please check the email address in your “Account Settings”, how do you feel?

You will be frustrated, of course. Most users tap the “X” (Cross) button in MS Outlook and update it again, provided that things return to normal. But that doesn’t happen. Fixing the Outlook 0x800ccc78 Unable Send Message error is not so easy. You need to acquire technical knowledge to correct such Outlook errors. In this article, we will discover a simple but effective way to fix the Outlook 0x800ccc78 error. read more

How to Repair Update Error 0x80072af9 (Solved)

The error code: 0x80072af9 is often started by Windows after a system error. Broken system inputs often represent a considerable danger to the well-being of your PC.

Several situations caused an error in the system file. Incomplete installation, partial file deletion, incorrect deletion of utilities or components. It can also be triggered if a PC is infected with a virus or adware infection or by an incorrect computer shutdown. Either of these activities could very well lead to the deletion or corruption of Windows system files. This corrupted system file results in missing or poorly linked documents and files that are necessary for the proper functioning of the software. read more

Fix: Windows Update Installation Failed with Error 0x800f0900

0x800f0902 is a PC problem that can cause delays and security breaches on your system.

Some people think that 0x800f0902 Windows update failed error only slows down your PC. Unfortunately, 0x800f0902 can also target the security of your system. He can even steal your personal information. If you leave 0x800f0902 untreated, give it full control of your system. That is a very bad thing. In general, 0x800f0902 is a dangerous Windows problem that should be destroyed as soon as possible.

This problem can occur for the following reasons: read more

How To Fix Office Installation 0xD0000006 Error

Windows Error 0xD0000006 is an unexpected input output error that is displayed on your computer. Damaged, obsolete, missing or incomplete Microsoft Office drivers that are installed on your computer will display these types of errors on your system screen. Your data, files and software (applications) are usually corrupted. The error code 0xD0000006 is always the driver‘s problem. This is also the device code. This is a clear indication that there is something wrong with the driver of a device. read more

Windows Update Error Code 0x8007000D Fixed

Fixed error code 0x8007000D when activating Windows. The main reason for the error code 0x8007000D is that Windows files are missing or corrupted, which is why the Windows update cannot be performed and therefore the error. Due to this vulnerability, which can be harmful to your system, you cannot install a new update because you cannot download security updates, which makes your system vulnerable to viruses, malware and external threats.

The error code 0x8007000d is a very common problem. But don’t worry, we have 3 ways to fix the 0x8007000D error on Windows. After following one of these paths, you will be able to solve this problem. read more

Fix CONFIG_LIST_FAILED STOP Error: 0x00000073

The CONFIG_LIST_FAILED error check has the value 0x00000073. This error check indicates that one of the upper registry keys, also known as the central system hive, cannot be linked in the registry tree. A common cause of this error is that the Windows operating system no longer has disk space on the system drive.

STOP 0x00000073 is a serious Windows error, usually called a stop message, error check or, more commonly, Blue Screen of Death (BSoD). The system is in a forced restart state. Any unsaved work is probably lost. read more

How To Fix: Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server Error 80040e4d

When you try to use an ODBC data source name (DSN) to open a connection of ActiveX data objects (ADO) to a SQL Server database from an Active Server Pages (ASP) page, you can receive the following error message:

Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers (0x80040E4D)
[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]Login failed for user ‘(null)’. Reason: Not associated with a trusted SQL Server connection.

What are the causes of this error?

1. You have connected to an incorrect MSSQL server. read more