How To Copy Text In Google Lens

Google Lens is one of the most underestimated Google services, and this is especially true in the field of education. Of course, Google Lens can scan barcodes and identify certain real-world objects if you need to know which of these vines is poison ivy, but the real magic of Google Lens is a small feature announced at the Google I/O event that made everyone who had to copy notes from their teacher’s blackboard stand up and applaud: the ability to copy real-world text to your phone or computer using copy and paste. read more

How to Get Temperature Filter In Snapchat

Snpachat users who have had the application for years are used to clicking and scrolling through the filters to add the temperature label. This is very useful for cold days or the unusually hot spring days that have recently been observed in much of the country.

Snapchat allows you to brag or complain about the temperature in your part of the country, but it has moved the functionality from one part of the application to another. Here’s how you find it.

Even before its redesign – with users scratching their heads – Snapchat confused most people trying to understand its interface. So I wasn’t surprised to get a question from a member of the Tom’s Guide forum who couldn’t find one of the most well-known features of Snapchat. read more

How To: Remove Ghost Touch Bubbles in Windows 10 Tablets

Windows devices, especially Windows 10 tablets, often have a problem when the display starts flashing bubbles like dots. The mouse pointer jumps around the bubbles and the proper functioning is disrupted. This function is called phantom touch because the screen suddenly works on its own and seems to be obsessed with the ghost. There are a few methods you can try to solve this problem.

The ghost touch screen, also known as phantom touch, occurs when you see how the laptop screen reacts as if it had been touched with an invisible finger, but in reality it does not. The mouse pointer moves automatically, preventing you from controlling the mouse, which is common on laptops or tablets such as HP Spectrum 13, Lenovo Yoga, Dell Inspiron, Microsoft Surface, etc.

The ghost image on the screen is usually caused by a defective scanner (it is the touch screen that allows the functionality of the touch screen) or by the touch screen module (LED screen with key).

Disable visual touch feedback

  • Under Start Windows, go to Application Settings.
  • Choose Easy access.
  • In the left field, you will see the option’Other options’. Select it.
  • In the right pane, find the option “Show visual feedback when I touch the screen” and disable it.
  • Click Apply, then click OK.
  • read more

    How to Import Group Policy settings Windows 10

    Sometimes it may be necessary to copy Group Policy Objects (GPOs) from one Active Directory domain to another. This can be useful if you want to apply the same policy settings to groups of users or computers in different domains within a multi-domain structure, or if you migrate from one domain to another.

    GPOs can be backed up and restored using the Group Policy Management Console (GPMC), but a GPO backed up in one domain cannot be restored in another domain. However, the settings of the backed up GPO can be imported into an existing GPO in the new domain. The GPO of the new domain should be empty because its settings will be overwritten by those of the saved GPO during the import process. read more

    How to Remove All Installed Themes Windows 10

    In Windows 10, you can customize the appearance of the operating system using settings. In the Customization section, there are pages with options to change the color of the window frame (the accent color), the desktop background, disabling or enabling taskbar transparency, and a number of other options. Once you’ve customized the look of your desktop, you can save it as a theme and then share the theme pack file with your friends on the Themes page.

    You can also install it on Windows 10 using the Windows Store or from a theme pack file. read more

    How to Sync Two Folders in Windows 10

    Have you always wanted two folders in two different locations to be synchronized in real time? Maybe you have a folder on your desktop or laptop computer and you want to synchronize it with another PC at home or with an external storage device such as a USB hard drive or NAS (Network Attached Storage Device)?

    There are many free software programs that can help you synchronize two folders, but very few of them do a good job of synchronizing folders in real time. What I mean by real time is that the user doesn’t have to open the program manually and run the synchronization or wait for the program to run regularly. read more

    How to Enable Notifications While Playing Games or Watching Videos in Full Screen Mode

    Many Windows 10 users have complained about this annoying problem. When they play a game or watch videos/films in full-screen mode, or work on an application in full-screen mode, they do not receive any notifications from Windows 10. All notifications are disabled, and when they exit the game or video, they notice that new notifications are present and appear in the Action Center.

    To disable notifications in game mode under Windows 10

    This means that Windows 10 does not display an alert when a user is playing a game or watching videos in full-screen mode, or working on a full-screen application. All notifications are automatically disabled and moved to the action center where the user can read them later. read more

    Share a Keyboard and Mouse Across Different Computers

    It is not uncommon to run several PCs at the same time. For example, you can use both your laptop and your desktop computer at the same time. If you need to work with several Windows PCs at the same time, all the back and forth between them can be a bit tedious.

    To make it easier for you, you can use software that allows you to share a keyboard and mouse between two computers. You won’t have to move around while you’re controlling the system. So here are some simple ways to share your mouse and keyboard between Windows computers. But first… read more

    Change the Font Size of Windows 10 Mail App Reading Pane

    Windows 10 Mail is the standard application for managing your email since its introduction in 2015. And when writing e-mails, the font is set to Calibri 11 point. This is the same as for Microsoft Office, but you can change the default font.

    But until recently, there was no easy way to customize the font of your messages in the email application. If you wanted to change the font, you had to change it every time you sent an email. But a recently added feature, aptly named “Default Font”, allows you to change the font, size and color of all your accounts. read more