Repair VPN Blocked by Administrator

Is your VPN blocked by your ISP, university, company or air firewall?

Encryption and bypass tools such as virtual private networks are used worldwide to share content and websites, but what about networks that actually block VPN traffic?

Fortunately, there are several techniques/tools that you can use to unlock your VPN service and regain full access. And even if your VPN can’t get through the firewall, we’ll show you our favorite’stealth VPNs’ who can!

How to bypass VPN blocks read more

Fixing WASD and Arrow Keys are Switched (Solved)

The W, A, S and D or WASD keys on the computer keyboard are used instead of the arrow keys. They are often used because they allow the player to access more keys around him, which means that more keys can be assigned to other tasks in the game.

When using the WASD keys, the W key is used as an up arrow, A as a left arrow, S as a down arrow and D as a right arrow.

Try another browser

If the keyboard works well outside the browser game, you can try the game in another browser, such as IE, Google Chrome, etc….. Also check the other games to find the cause of the error. read more

Fix: Slow Loading Downloads Folder in Windows 10

Have you ever noticed that the folder for user downloads under Windows 10 seems to respond very slowly? Here is a quick solution to the problem.

You may think that a folder is the same as any other folder, but Windows does not see it that way. Windows classifies folders according to the types of files it thinks are stored in them. According to this post, Windows 10 will often decide that the User Downloads folder is for images. It will then try to create thumbnails for all files in the Downloads folder. If some files are not really images, the Downloads folder will open slowly. To solve this problem, tell Windows that downloads are for general use only. read more

Fixing Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) Error 1083

There may be cases where you try to open a Windows service, such as Windows Management Instrumentation, and the error is displayed with the following message.

Error 1083: The executable program that this service is configured to run in does not implement the service.

A system may have WMI errors, but seems to work properly most of the time. Because WMI is most often used for system diagnosis. A word processor, spreadsheet or email program rarely depends on WMI. You can use this procedure to check the WMI status of your system: read more

How to Repair: Out of Memory Error While Copying Files

Copying a file in Windows 8 does not give you “enough disk space”, even if you have a lot of memory and hard disk space. The “Out of Memory” message means that the memory capacity of the device has been exceeded. The amount of memory used depends on the amount or type of data on documents faxed, copied or printed from the PC.

Both the hard disk and memory play an important role in performing all operations on a computer. Any task or process that takes place in a computer requires a certain amount of RAM memory and the execution of hard disk space. But sometimes, when you copy files from one place to another, you can receive one of the following messages: read more

How to Configure RPC Dynamic Port through Firewall

Dynamic port assignment for remote procedure call (RPC) is used by remote administration applications such as Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) Manager, Windows Internet Name Service (WINS) Manager, etc. The dynamic assignment of RPC ports tells the RPC program to use a particular random sport above 1024.

Customers who use firewalls can control the ports used by RPC so that their firewall router can be configured to forward only TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) ports.

Many server and remote management applications use dynamic assignment of remote procedure call ports. Although dynamic, it is important that they follow a scope rule, as clients or client machines can ensure that the firewall does not block these ports or areas. When selecting a range for the dynamic RPC port, make sure that Windows and major Microsoft products do not use these ports. read more

Fix Error Code 15 or 16 – This request was blocked by the security rules

If you encounter an error code 15 or 16 when surfing the Internet and find that your access to a particular website is blocked, this message may help you. Error code 15 and error code 16 are displayed.

Access Denied: This request was blocked by the security rules.

This error depends on the browser, operating system and network you are using. This error can occur in any browser, but the corrections are the same in all cases.

Try accessing the website from other devices.

If you receive error code 16 repeatedly when you try to access a particular website from your PC, the problem may be your configuration. Sometimes your PC may not be configured correctly or an application may interfere with your Internet connection. read more

The server did not register with DCOM within the required timeout repair guide

Generally, Component Object Model (COM) technology is used in Windows to communicate and use Windows services for COM+ applications. COM technologies include COM+, DCOM and ActiveX controls.

Some Windows components may need to register with DCOM. If this is not the case, you will see that it is recorded in the Event Viewer. In the Event Viewer window, you can find this log under Windows Logs > System with Event ID 10010 :

The server <GUID> did not register with DCOM within the required timeout. read more

Repairing DHCP Client Service Access Denied Error

If you receive an access denied message when you start the DHCP client server, it is probably because the privilege set has been changed. Some programs do this, such as third-party firewall applications.

DHCP or Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol is a network protocol used to automatically assign IP addresses.

The error often occurs after trying to execute the ipconfig /renew command at the command prompt, and it can be difficult to solve Windows problems using this method. Below are some methods that work for other users, so try them and hopefully solve your problem! read more

Repair: Videos folder missing in Windows 10

By default, the Windows 10 Videos folder can be seen under’This PC’, but it is sometimes replaced by the’Documents’ folder. Thus, under’This PC’, you will not see a video folder, but a duplicated’Documents’ folder. See the image below for more details. On the two’Documents’ folders, one’Document’ folder contains all the content (normal files and sub-folders), while the other remains empty. If you click on the Documents icon on your desktop, you will always get the correct icon. read more