Are screen savers necessary and are they still necessary?

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Screen savers are a visual delight and there are many on the Internet. But are screen savers no longer necessary? A screen saver is nothing more than a computer program that fills the screen with abstract images or patterns. It is activated when the computer is not used for a certain period of time. The original idea was to prevent phosphor from burning on cathode ray tubes and plasma screens. But since most of us now use LCD monitors, they are mainly used for entertainment or security purposes.

If screensavers are more necessary

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Colored and animated screensavers are beautiful and sometimes give you a feeling of freshness and enthusiasm. In the 90s and 2000s, they were abundant and those that were beautifully animated were madness. At the time, they were also needed because of the CRT monitors. But as we get closer to LCD monitors, screensavers are activated mainly for security reasons.

Screen Saver Lens

The operation of CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) monitors required that an object always move on the screen. The CRT monitors used a gun that focused the beams on various phosphor pixel centers at the back of the CRT monitors and struck them. The phosphorescent dots were heated at impact and produced light. Several blows on the back of the screen generated heat that was converted into light to show us images on the screen.

If an image was still present, the cathode ray gun struck several times the same phosphorescent points to obtain the image. Since the light was generated by heat, the possibility of generating a permanent burn was high under these circumstances, so screen savers were introduced. The screen savers used to hit the gun various phosphor points as long as the screen savers were still moving.

You can argue why not just turn off the monitor when it is not in use for a while. But the CRT monitors fired a heavy charge when they were turned on. This was one of the reasons why it was not recommended to turn off the CRT monitors, unless you were sure not to use the computers for more than an hour or more.

Therefore, screen savers were a necessity for CRT monitors because they prevented the screen from burning and saved energy by keeping the monitors on. However, as most of us now use LCD screens, there is no real benefit for screen savers.

If screensavers are still needed

If you are using an LCD monitor, you do not need a screensaver. This is another thing that some computer users still prefer visual treats and therefore install good screen savers. Some prefer to activate the screen saver when they are not on the screen and ask them to connect again. Others may want to use a screensaver that displays some system information.

LCD (liquid crystal display) monitors do not contain phosphorus. Although the heat is there, it’s not as much as the heat from the CRT gun.

Images are generated on an LCD monitor by electrically aligning liquid crystals of different shapes. The rear of the LCD monitor is also a liquid crystal display. The crystals are arranged in a specific format and slightly heated to produce light, which in turn produces an image on the screen.

Because the heat is not much, you can keep a static image on the LCD screen for a long time without damaging the screen. But a static image consumes energy, so it’s best to turn the monitor off when you’re not using it. Unlike CRT monitors, there is no strong power when the display is on. You can use Windows power options to turn them off after a period of inactivity and activate them by simply moving the mouse or pressing any button. Screen savers are therefore no longer necessary.

Battery Save

Some people still use screensavers for fun, but it’s quite their choice and no need. Using screen savers means that the screen remains on. In the ON state, the monitor dissipates energy. In an age when we depend on battery life, saving every unit of energy is a necessity. It is always best to turn off the display when it is not in use and turn it on later if necessary. It’ll save a lot of battery juice.

Therefore, the necessary and always necessary answer to Are screensavers depends on the following:

  1. Yes if you use a CRT monitor from the 1990s and 2000s;
  2. No if you use a modern computer monitor or monitors built into tablets and smartphones.

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