Blue screen when opening Microsoft Edge browser

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Well, this one was certainly strange to me. I started Microsoft Edge browser on my laptop Windows 10, only to notice that my PC crashed and restarted after a few seconds with one IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL Stop Error. It happened to me three or four times. It took me some time to understand when and how this happened, but after a few restarts, I was able to understand the problem. If you see a blue screen when you open Microsoft Edge, or if your Microsoft Edge is blocked or frozen on a blue screen, this message will help you.

Blue screen when opening the on-board browser

IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL is a fairly common stop error that occurs when a driver has illegally accessed disk space while NT is working with a particular IRQL. This is a driver encoding error similar to an attempt to access invalid disk space. If you get this error, you can update your display driver and see if it helps.

I noticed one thing. When I wasn’t connected to the Internet and Edge started, my PC didn’t crash. As I connected to the Internet, Edge created a blue screen when I tried to load my home page. Watch the video.

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If you get a Windows 10 blue screen when you start the Edge browser, check your home page . My Edge opened with one home page and new tabs with main sites and suggested content.

To solve this problem, I decided to open Edge with a blank page like this and see if it helped me – and it happened!

Disconnect from the Internet and start your Edge browser. Click the Plus 3 points link and then click Settings. The following settings are displayed.

Open Microsoft Edge with scrolling and you will see an option One or more specific pages. Select them.

A space for Enter a URL. Enter about:blank to open a blank page.

Then you will see one New tabs with parameter open. Select A blank page, and click the Save icon.

Close Edge, connect to the Internet and restart your Edge browser. It should have worked.

Microsoft Edge sticks to a blue screen

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If you see that your Microsoft Edge browser is on a blue or frozen screen, it may be malware. Check your Edge extensions and uninstall or disable questionable extensions. If necessary, reset the Edge Browser settings to the default settings.

Then close Edge and scan your computer with your antivirus software and the free AdwCleaner tool.

Hope this helps! If this is not the case, switch to Internet Explorer or one of the alternative browsers for Windows.

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