BullGuard Internet of Things Scanner checks if IoT devices are vulnerable

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Today, most of us must be familiar with the Internet of Things and the dangers of IoT. The Internet of Things is a network of physical objects such as household appliances, smart televisions and security cameras connected to the Internet. These are intelligent devices that have a computer chip at their core and are connected to the Internet to work. As almost everything is connected to the Internet, not only computers are in danger, but all connected devices as well – so it becomes imperative that IoT devices are properly secured so that they are not easily accessible to hackers.

We recently took a look at the Shodan search engine, where you can search the Internet for objects or IoT devices to find out which devices are connected to the Internet, where they are and who uses them. That makes the hacker’s job easier!

Wouldn’t you like to know if any of your Internet objects devices has been compromised and if it appears in this Shodan search engine? Well, if you want to know, this Things Scanner Internet from BullGuard can help you.

Internet of Things Scanner

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Bullguard Internet Scanner Objects checks whether your devices connected to the Internet are public in the Shodan search engine. If this is the case, it means that they are open to the public and that hackers could use this information and try to hack into your device.

Click the button Check if I am on Shodan to start scanning. It’ll only take a few seconds. If you are not on Shodan, you will see a message – You are not public on Shodan.

Even if you are not public on Shodan, devices on your network may still be vulnerable. Click the button Deep Scan to make sure you are not vulnerable. Click on the deep scan list all vulnerabilities of your IoT device. But one thing must be taken into account here: If a vulnerability is found, your device will be listed on Shodan.

If your IoT device is vulnerable, you will see one Your network may be broken message.

And if a device is accessible on your network, you see one You are public on Shodan.

This should worry you now and you should take steps to secure your IoT device. For example, if your port 5357 is open, you can disable Network Discovery.

Visit BullGuard to check if your IoT device appears publicly in the Shodan search engine.

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