How do I scan a PST file in Outlook 2016?

Under Windows 10, whether you are using Outlook 2016 or a previous version, the application stores a copy of your email, contacts and calendar in two different data files, depending on the type of offline access account.

If you use an IMAP or POP account, such as the one provided by your Internet Service Provider (ISP), your account information is stored in an Outlook data file (PST). However, if you use an Office 365, Exchange or account, the data is stored in the offline Outlook data file (OST). read more

How do I repair a PST file in Outlook 2010?

Microsoft Office Outlook 2010 is quite stable, but not perfect, if your PST file is damaged, you will need a repair tool to repair it. PST stands for Personal Storage Table (also known as Personal Folder File) and is used to store all your inboxes and other information. If it is damaged, it is also your inbox.

If Outlook 2010 crashes, you can try running it in safe mode to see what is causing the problem. If you do not find a problem, it is probably a corrupted PST file. So, how do we fix it? read more