How to Connect Chromebook to External Monitor

Chromebook computers are equipped with connectors that allow them to be connected to a computer monitor, TV or other display. You can mirror your desktop across multiple monitors or use the additional monitors as separate desktops to save extra space.

You can also wirelessly mirror your entire Chromebook-or just one tab of the browser-to an external display. This external screen requires only a Chromecast or other device that supports Google Cast.

To physically connect your Chromebook to an external display, you must use the connector that came with your Chromebook. Depending on your Chromebook, you may have one or more of the following connectors. read more

The Difference Between Symmetric and Asymmetric Encryption

Computer encryption is based on the science of cryptography, which has been used since people wanted to keep information secret. Most forms of cryptography used today are computer-based, simply because a human-based code is too easy for a computer to decipher. Cryptosystems use a number of techniques known as cryptographic or encryption algorithms to encrypt plain text messages into encrypted or ciphered messages or to decrypt plain text messages.


An algorithm is essentially a method or formula for solving a data mining problem. An encryption algorithm is a set of mathematical procedures for performing data encryption. Using such an algorithm, information is made in ciphertext and requires the use of a key to convert the data into its original form. This brings us to the concept of cryptography, which has long been used for information security in communication systems. read more

How to Add Custom Lock Screen Message on Android

Android is known for its flexibility of adaptation. Whether it’s the home screen, the application drawer or the notification window, you can customize everything to suit your needs. So why should the lock screen on your Android phone stay the same? It doesn’t. You can customise the lock screen in several ways.

The lock screen is your access to your phone. In its simplest form, you can access and reply to your notifications, view the date, time, and battery information, among other things. read more

How to Delete a Keyboard Layout on Windows 10

New versions of Windows 10 have a new Keyboard page in the Settings application. It completely replaces the classic Control Panel options that are removed in Windows 10 build 17063 and later. The new page allows users to change the display language, text-to-speech, speech recognition, and writing options. Learn how to add or remove a keyboard in Windows 10, as the user interface has been modified for this purpose.

If you’ve upgraded to Windows 10 Build 17074 and later, the new language options may seem strange to you. Unlike previous versions, it does not include the user interface for language settings in the Control Panel. You must now use the Settings function to configure the locale settings. In Windows 10, you can use the Settings application to add or remove a keyboard layout. read more

How to Disable Linked Duplicates in Photos App for Windows 10

The Windows 10 Photos application is capable of finding exact duplicates of the files stored in your image collection. By default, it displays them in a single file. This can be very confusing. If you prefer to view duplicate photos while managing your image collection, you should disable the “Linked Duplicates” feature. Here’s how it works.

Windows 10 comes with a photo application that replaced Windows Photo Viewer and Photo Gallery. Your tile is pinned to the Start menu. Photos provides easy ways to view and edit photos from the user’s local drive or OneDrive cloud storage. read more

Enable Read Aloud for PDF Files in Microsoft Edge

The learning tools are integrated with the Microsoft Edge browser, which gives readers in your class more options for interacting with the text. Use the learning tools in Microsoft Edge to have any web page or PDF file read aloud to you as you follow the words on the screen.

The immersive reader in Microsoft Edge now has learning tool features such as reading aloud, page topics, text size, syllables, and word highlighting.

Let Microsoft Edge Read your E-books Aloud

This new feature also supports all non-storable EPUB files. Currently the list of supported languages is limited to the following languages: r-EG, ca-ES, da-DK, de-DE, en-AU, en-CA, en-GB, en-IN, en-US, es-ES, es-MX, fi-FI, fr-CA, fr-FR, it-IT, ja-JP, nb-NO, nl-BE, nl-NL, pt-BR, pt-PT, sv-SE, tr-TR, zh-CN. read more

How to Add Emojis in Notion

Do you want to make your Notion layout more aesthetically pleasing? There are several ways to approach this question with the layout of blocks and images, but the most transforming is to change the icons. Notion’s pizzas are based on the elegant integration of emoticons. Of course, there are competing tools that offer relatively the same features. But they are far from being as beautiful and as customizable.

Here are the 17 sets of symbols I use for my pages. Remember that before using any of these symbols for commercial purposes, you must name the author. I include a link to the author under each icon. read more

Fix Windows 10 Boots to Welcome Screen instead of OOBE

When you turn on a new Windows 10 device for the first time, the device may start on the Welcome screen, which displays “Other User”, instead of starting in the Out of Box Experience (OOBE). In this situation, you cannot log in to the device or use Windows.

This problem occurs because a critical Windows process (dwm.exe) cannot be started.

Under certain circumstances, the video driver sends a TDR (Timeout Detect Recovery) which (by design) leads to a Winlogon to stop and restart the DWM. If the TDR occurs very early in the boot sequence (either before the winlogon state machine is fully initialized or even before winlogon has started the DWM for the first time), there is a state where one can enter a loop where the dwm is still stopped. Once in this loop, the session will be terminated, allowing you to log in as a different user. read more

How to Switch to Scientific Calculator in Windows 10

The calculator that comes with your Windows 10 computer is useful, but you may not realize how useful it can be – it offers much more than the basic functions you get at a glance. If you would like to use the full scientific calculator, you’ll find instructions here.

To use the scientific calculator on Windows 10

The calculator application for Windows 10 is a desktop calculator with Standard, Scientific, Programmer, and Date Calculation modes. The Scientific mode is normally used for more complex mathematical functions such as trignometry, exponents and logarithms. To use the scientific mode : read more

How to Turn your Handwriting into a Font

When you turn your handwriting into a font, your design becomes truly unique and gives you the greatest creative freedom when trying to represent a brand. If you wish, you can even sell your font.

Creating and using your own handwriting would be perfect for personalized gifts (especially for kids with their cute little doodles!), scrapbooking, digital graphics, family souvenirs like Christmas cards, and more!

How to turn your handwriting into a font for free

I’m sure there are many ways to turn your handwriting into a font. This is just one that I used because it is incredibly easy, fast and most importantly, FREE! read more