Fix Windows Update Error 0x800704c7

The 0x800704c7 error is a common problem that can be caused by various reasons such as missing or damaged files and program conflicts. The 0x800704c7 error is usually associated with Windows Update, but it can occur at any time and interrupt any activity you might be doing.

This error is known to occur on Windows 7/8 / 8.1 & 10 based systems and can occur in many different ways depending on the situation. As we all know, common activities such as web browsing cause the 0x800704c7 error.

Some people have also reported that when backing up Windows files, running Windows Update and accessing Microsoft OneDrive, the 0x800704c7 error code occurs. This is an issue that many computer users are familiar with. Here is a more detailed explanation of the reasons for the “0x800704c7” error in Windows Update. read more

Fix: You’re syncing a different account error in OneDrive for Mac

If you decide to change the email address and password of your Microsoft account, OneDrive may not be able to accept the change and you may receive the following error message: “You are synchronizing another account. Here’s what you can do to solve the problem.

In addition to the message above, you will see the description:

You’re already syncing a personal OneDrive on this computer. Unlink that account to add a new one.

You cannot log in to OneDrive and the error “You’re syncing a different account” appears. This error may occur after you have changed your Microsoft account password. read more

How to Fix Windows 10 Activation Error 0xc03f6506

Many home users often receive a computer with Windows 10 Home installed. And because Windows 10 Pro offers more features and utilities than Windows 10 Home, many users also prefer to upgrade their Windows 10 Home computer to Windows 10 Pro. However, a number of users have reported that they got error 0xc03f6506 and could not continue with the upgrade.

If you are one of these users, you will see the following error message on your screen when error 0xc03f6506 occurs:

“The last product key you entered can’t be used on this copy of Windows (0xc03f6506).” read more

How to Fix supr3hardenedwinrespawn VirtualBox Error

The supr3hardenedwinrespawn error occurs in Oracle’s Virtualbox installations, usually seconds after the virtual machine attempts to start. After this problem occurs, each new virtual machine created displays the same error message, rendering Virtualbox completely unusable.

One of the most common causes of this type of behavior is the disappearance of a driver (VBoxDrv.inf). It is possible that the installation of this important driver is not completed due to some authorization problems during the initial installation. In this case, you can solve the problem by installing VBoxDrv.inf manually. read more

Fix Update Agent Installer Encountered Unrecoverable Error

It is important to keep your computer up to date, not only to ensure that you have the latest operating system fixes and security enhancements, but also to have an environment that works efficiently.

Usually, the latest updates are installed automatically when you restart your computer. However, manual updates are sometimes necessary. Unfortunately, users have sometimes reported a message indicating that an unrecoverable error occurred during the installation of the Windows Update Agent.

This is especially true if Windows was forced to check for updates to correct the process, or if the Windows Update Agent was updated manually. read more

How to Convert Outlook Emails to PDF

When working on a personal job or project that involves electronic information, it is always helpful to have everything you need in one place, such as a single folder on your hard drive or in the cloud. But this can be difficult if the documents are in different formats. You may have Word files and Excel spreadsheets in one file, HTML files that are bookmarked online, and messages stored on your mail server.

Most of the time, it is possible to convert the files into a format that is easier to handle. This is the case for emails that can be converted to a Portable Document Format (PDF) file. A PDF file can be stored with Word, Excel and other types of documents in a normal document folder and can be shared and viewed by others, regardless of the type of equipment or software they have. PDF files can also be protected by permissions and passwords. read more

How to Fix iTunes Error 9006 on Windows 10

Apple products offer great features in terms of synchronization mechanisms, from synchronization with cloud storage to automatic backups on Mac computers. Restoring your iPhone or updating your mobile operating system via iTunes should be a quick and efficient process. However, some iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch users experience problems if their computer displays an error message with the iTunes software that says “There was a problem downloading the software for the iPhone “iPhone”. An unknown error occurred (9006)”. read more

How to Clear Previous Aliases in Steam

Steam is a cloud gaming site where users can buy and store games online. Launched in 2003, this game platform has been in existence for nearly two decades. Some users have remained loyal to the platform since its inception.

The fact is that what seemed cool at 16 was no longer cool at an older age. For platforms like Steam, where we’ve been playing since we were young, names can mean a lot or a lot, depending on how you look at them. If your Steam account is outdated, can you change it?

With Steam, you can put your name on anything in the terms of service. This can make it difficult to find people, even if they’re already on your friends list. Find out who’s who by checking nicknames in Steam. read more

How use Translate Feature in Immersive Reader for Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge 84 Dev and Canary’s immersive reader has the ability to translate pages in different languages.

The immersive reader feature of the new version of Microsoft Edge, which is also available in Legacy Edge, Microsoft OneNote and Microsoft Word, enhances the online reading experience.

The Edge browser feature is accessed by clicking the icon in the address bar or pressing the F9 key. Edge also allows us to open the selected text in Immersive Reader by using the new option – “Open in Immersive Reader” – in the contextual menu of the page. read more

How to Enable Protection Against Potentially Unwanted Apps in Windows 10

Windows Defender Antivirus’ protection against potentially unwanted applications (PUAs) can identify PUAs and block the download and installation of PUAs at endpoints on your network.

These applications are not considered viruses, malware, or other types of threats, but they can perform actions on endpoints that affect their performance or usage. AUPs can also refer to applications that are considered to have a bad reputation.

Typical AUP behavior includes:

  • Different types of bundled software
  • Advertising in the web browser

Driver and registry optimizers that detect problems, require payment to fix them, but remain on the workstation and do not make any changes or optimizations (also called “malicious antivirus” programs). read more