Error Performing Inpage Operation Repair

One of our readers encountered this problem that every time he tried to open a reader, an error message appeared: “F:\ is not accessible, Error Performing Inpage Operation”.

If you receive this error, your hard disk is probably in poor condition. There’s not much to do with this problem, and there’s no solution, so just save most of the data you can and send it to share. But you can first try these methods to repair them.

What is a page error?

Physical problems on the hard disk that probably have nothing to do with pagination operations with the Windows pagination file. read more

How to Disable Encrypted File Indexing

By default, Windows uses the index when searching for faster search results. The Windows search index contains only the places you select. These locations can be filtered according to file types (extensions), file properties and the content of the files you want to index.

The index uses the Windows search service and runs as a Searchindexer.exe process in the background. The index is automatically recreated and updated if changes have been made to the included locations since the last index configuration to increase the accuracy of search results. By default, the indexing speed is reduced due to user activity. When the computer is inactive, the indexing speed returns to full speed to complete indexing faster. read more

How to Fix Applying Settings to Driver Error

Problems with printers are not that common since the simple printing or scanning procedure does not require any overlay software other than the integrated one. But even this native Windows software causes problems from time to time.

The Windows scanning and faxing error we are trying to correct today crashes the print/scanning process and informs users that it is an “application of settings to the driver“. If you are affected by this error, be sure to check the following steps.

To resolve the printing/scanning error “Applying settings to the driver”: read more

How to Fix: Xbox Sign in Error 0x87dd0006

You will receive the following error code when you try to connect to Xbox Live or access certain Xbox Live features on your Xbox One console:


This may mean that your profile is corrupted. The 0x87dd0006 error can also be caused by incorrect billing information, a corrupted profile, etc. that prevents users from logging into their Xbox account. With Xbox, you can enjoy tons of games on your Xbox console, but your game sessions can sometimes be interrupted by general errors. The error 0x87dd0006 was public knowledge and Xbox support tried everything to solve this problem. However, some users still encounter the problem, which is serious because gaming sessions should not be compromised. read more

How to Fix Attackers might be trying to steal your information Error

Correct the error that your connection is not private: Your connection is not private or NET::ERR_CERT_COMMON_NAME_INVALID error appears due to an SSL error. SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is used by websites to protect the privacy and security of the information you enter on their pages. If you receive the SSL NET error::ERR_CERT_DATE_INVALID or NET::ERR_CERT_COMMON_NAME_INVALID in the Google Chrome browser, it means that your Internet connection or computer prevents Chrome from loading the page safely and privately. read more


Firefox is one of the most popular and reliable web browsers on the market. But there are some scenarios where Firefox is unable to open a website when it can all other browsers and computers. This is a common error that has been reported by many users. So, if you had SEC_ERROR_OCSP_INVALID_SIGNING_CERT error on Firefox, you are in the right place. Users have reported that they cannot access some Microsoft services, such as Bing or Outlook, because of this error. Although the same services were simultaneously accessible from a different browser, if you are faced with such a problem, you can follow the steps described in this post to fix it. read more

Disable Extension Recommendations in Firefox Fixes

Basically, this feature should help you discover new extensions and make it much easier and faster to use certain services by simply recommending such extensions. In short, Firefox should now display a recommendation when loading a website known to offer a Firefox extension, with a small puzzle icon in the address bar that launches the popup.

The message is clearly marked as “Recommended Extension” and displays a short description of the extension as well as the official symbol, name and developer name. There is also the rating and number of users who reviewed the extension, as well as another link to read the full description. read more


If you try to open a program or game, but suddenly see a dialog box with a message indicating that the application could not start correctly, as well as the error code 0xC000007B, STATUS INVALID IMAGE FORMAT, it means that the application is incompatible with the architecture of your Windows 10 computer or that dependencies are missing.

Although error code 0xC000007B may also occur with other programs, the error code STATUS_INVALID_IMAGE_FORMAT also means that when you try to run an application that is designed to run on a 64-bit system, and thus enters the Abort state. If you are also notified of the NTStatus.h file, it means that the error may be caused by damage to the file. Here is the full context of the error message: read more

How to Repair: Windows Cannot Find a System Image on This Computer

This problem often occurs when you restore a system image from an external hard drive or USB stick using the built-in Windows Backup and Recovery utility, and even when you restore the system image at the command prompt. In general, this error message occurs frequently when you perform a system recovery with an external hard disk drive.

There are basically 6 things that prevent system images from being found on the external hard disk. You should check and avoid these five things when you perform a system restore, then you can repair windows that do not find a system image for this computer problem. read more

Xbox Error 0x80090010 Repair Guide

If you have received this error code 0x80090010, there may be a problem with the Xbox Live server, your network connection or the account itself. The Xbox application for Windows 10 has many functions, because it is the system hub for all Xboxes. He had his honest share in remodeling and optimizing these pairs earlier than many years ago and is now much better than ever before. At least visually.

The Xbox application is functionally intelligent and has a long way to go. The most common errors are connection errors and occur in a number of alphanumeric codes. The only one we will consider and address is the code “0x80090010”. If you are affected by this error, do not hesitate to consult the alternatives below. read more