How To Fix: Sharing Violation Error in Excel

This error occurs when you try to save an Excel workbook in various circumstances.

Error message:

“Your changes could not be saved to ‘ FileName ‘ because of a sharing violation. Try saving to a different file.”

Apple the official Microsoft Hotfix for Microsoft

This is a known problem with Microsoft.

  1. Download and install Hotfix 97050.
  2. Restart your Vontu services on the Enforce server and EDPA on the agent.

Allows you to index the Excel file.

It turns out that the main reason for this error is that the Excel file is in a folder that is not configured for its content to be indexed. More recent versions of Excel do not work well with folders in which this extended attribute is not enabled, so the sharing violation error is triggered accordingly. read more

How To Fix: Windows 10 Activation Error 0xc0020036

You have upgraded to Windows 10 and cannot use all the features due to activation errors? Some common activation errors can occur with newly installed Windows 10. Learn what this activation error means, common Windows 10 activation errors, and how to fix them.

When you upgrade to Windows 10, the new operating system inherits the product key and activation data from your old operating system. These are then stored on Microsoft servers with the data from your PC. If you clean the Windows installation the first time, you may experience activation problems. The first time you upgrade, activate Windows 10, then clean up Windows 10 installed on the same PC, there is no activation problem because the operating system extracts the activation data from Microsoft servers. read more

How To Fix Error M3U8 Cannot Load Video

This error message occurs more frequently when your access is blocked via a proxy server or school/enterprise firewall. In other words, video cannot currently be streamed in your region. But there can be many other reasons. The solutions may therefore be different.

Error 1: Cannot Load M3U8: 404 Not Found

Error 2: Cannot Load M3U8: Crossdomain Access Denied

Video errors can be caused by a number of factors, including network problems, server problems or the file uploaded by the trainer. If you have difficulty playing videos, here are some steps to solve the problem: read more

How To: Move a Track in Audacity

Many musicians use Audacity to create musical projects, from unique songs to albums and other complex tasks. This software, which is generally available in freeware, contains many visual elements that help beginners navigate through the program’s features. One thing that users generally want to do is to align the tracks in Audacity. Different tracks are recorded with different sounds that must be correctly synchronized for a correct rhythmic mixing and to avoid discrepancies throughout the project. If you need to align tracks in Audacity, here are the basic steps to align tracks with Audacity. read more

Repairing Cydia Impactor Not Working Error

After the last update of Cydia Impactor, Windows users receive an error saying that “Impactor.exe has stopped working”. The following steps in this tutorial will help users to correct this error.

Cydia Impactor is a versatile software that is available on Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems and can perform a variety of tasks for iOS and the Android platform. Today, we will know how to use Cydia Impactor to install various IPA iOS applications and files without the need for a jailbreak device. read more

How To Repair CCleaner Won’t Open Error

CCleaner is one of the most popular programs for cleaning and optimizing a computer. Although there is a free version, this program offers the possibilities of the most expensive programs of its kind. It keeps your computer clean and increases its operating speed by removing temporary files and caches from the browser and repairing DLLs and registry. It has several features to customize and optimize your computer: Duplicate Finder, Disk Analyzer, Startup, System Restore and much more.

Many users complain that they cannot start the installation because of the error “Windows cannot access the specified device, path, or file. You may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item.” There are many possible causes, but most of them are simple and easy to fix, so here are some ways to solve this problem. read more

Fixing This Page Can’t Load Google Maps Correctly Error

Do you see “This page didn’t load Google Maps correctly” instead of maps on your site? This error has become much more common since Google Maps required an API key on June 22, 2016 (after about 10 years of keyless use). If you use Google Maps on your site after this date, you will need to log in and implement an API key (older users still don’t need it).

Google has not made the implementation of an API key a very user-friendly process. Your interface is developer-centric. As a result, many users have difficulty creating a key correctly. This guide is intended not only for users of our WordPress theme and plugins, but also for anyone on the Internet who wants to know how to correct the error “This page didn’t load Google Maps correctly” on their site. read more

How To: Enable or Disable Reserved Storage

Microsoft has made every effort to improve the availability of updates. So far, local updates for Windows 10 have not worked very well. Users often encounter problems and the strangest bugs. When you perform an update on site, Windows 10 downloads files to your system, but takes up some space to install the update, it also takes up a little more space to complete the update.

Your PC must have available disk space to update Windows 10. This figure has always been a little vague, but 10 GB is often considered sufficient, but Microsoft has added a new feature in Windows 1903 update called Reserved Storage. This is a small space reserved on your system for updates. During an update, this space is used to avoid problems (although some may still occur). This allows you to enable or disable the disk space reserved under Windows 10. read more

How To: Disable Blurred Background in Sign-in Screen

The first users of Windows 10 will certainly know that Fluent Design has gradually evolved to Windows 10, and each new feature update brings new optimizations, including acrylic on the login screen.

Acrylic is an essential element of Fluent design because it creates the blur effect in the background both in Windows 10 and in applications, but it usually comes with other visual effects such as reveal.

The acrylic implementation on the login screen became available with the release of Windows 10 version 1809 (updated October 2018) and will be offered from that date in all updates of the operating system features, including the next version 1903, also called 19H1. read more

Know Issues in Windows 10 v1903 May 2019 Update

The Windows 10 May 2019 update is finally available for download, and it is the first – and perhaps the only – major update to Microsoft’s ever-evolving Windows 10 operating system this year.

The Windows 10 May 2019 update, also known as Windows 10 Version 1903 or 19H1, is another part of Microsoft’s plan to release major free tent pole updates that provide new features, tools and applications for Windows 10.

This update follows the traces of the Windows update of October 10, 2018. Last year’s update brought with it a number of new features (and bugs) for Windows 10, although there were difficulties in convincing users to update. read more