How to Fix Failed to Install Mod Map in ARK

If you receive an error message “Mod Map cannot be installed”. This error usually means that you need to update the mods on the server side. If this does not work, you may have to unsubscribe to one or more mods via Steam on your local PC and then resubscribe.

Close the IGFXEM module process and update the system drivers to the latest version.

Drivers for your system are regularly updated to improve performance by fixing known bugs and taking into account the latest technological developments. However, the error described may occur if the drivers in your system (especially the graphics card driver) are obsolete. The IGFXEM module process is known to cause this problem. Here you can solve the problem by updating the drivers to the latest version. read more

Repair Samsung Data Migration Cloning Failed in Windows 10

Samsung Data Migration is a popular tool for cloning Windows operating systems and other data from your existing hard drive to your new Samsung SSD. But sometimes it does not seem to work properly.

As reported by many people, Samsung Data Migration sometimes can not clone and reports “cloning errors” with different error codes or messages. On this page you will learn how to fix the problem of failure of the Samsung Data Migration clone.

Before we go into the details of cloning a Samsung SSD to an SSD, let’s just see what a Samsung data migration is. why do you need to? Explain the context in the simplest words. Thus, you can transfer all data from one device / drive to another. This data can include files, folders, documents, file systems, partitions, operating systems, applications, system drivers and system updates. Samsung data migration allows you to move all your data from the main location to the new drive (probably an SSD). Samsung data migration allows you to perform this process of data transfer in three stages: read more

How to Block Automatic Windows 10 Updates using Wu10Man

Leave it to Microsoft and they will continue to install updates on your Windows 10 computer. Well, you didn’t just buy this computer to install updates. You will also need it to work, watch movies or play games. Also, these automatic updates can sometimes disable your system and display a blue screen of death. Because of this, some smart users turn off automatic updates in Windows 10 and only install these updates when they don’t hear the sad news that new updates are harming users’ computers. . read more

How to Stop Your Phone App from Running in the Background

Windows 10 comes with a special application, Your Phone, which allows you to pair your Android or iOS phone with your desktop computer and browse your phone’s data on your PC. Once you have connected your devices, you may notice that YourPhone.exe runs in the background.

What does YourPhone.exe do in Windows 10?

YourPhone.exe is a background process of an application called Your Phone app. This is a UWP application built into Windows 10 and recently introduced by Microsoft to enable file and data synchronization between your PC and mobile devices. It allows you to transfer photos, videos, text, calls, contacts, emails, and other data from your phone to your Windows 10 computer or vice versa. read more

How to Fix Sticky Notes Fails to Reopen when Closed Accidentally

Sticky Notes are very handy when you need to make a quick note or set a reminder to do something later. But sometimes sticky notes can make your life difficult because of various mistakes and mishaps. In this article, we’ll see how sticky notes can solve most of these problems.

Now that you are logged in with your Microsoft account, you can easily close and reopen your sticky notes in Windows 10, but sometimes problems can occur. Here’s what you can do if your sticky notes don’t open again if you close them by accident. It is helpful if you are logged in to your PC with your Microsoft account. read more

How to Fix VJoy Failed to Install on Windows 10

You may not be able to install VJoy mainly due to misapplication of the driver signature. Also, corrupted Windows or VJoy installations can cause the mentioned error. Some users also experienced problems updating the app. The problem could occur in almost all versions of Windows starting with Windows XP.

Before troubleshooting, make sure you are installing from a local hard drive (not a USB hard drive or external hard drive). Also disconnect all game controllers (gamepads, gamepads, steering wheels, etc.) from your system. read more

Fix Office 2016 Won’t Install on Windows 10

Windows 10 users stated that they could not install the Microsoft Office 2016 suite.

The installation error that occurred was 30015-6(-1).

Office 2016 is compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. This guide shows you how to install Office 2016 Preview on Windows 10. Note that these guides also work on Windows 7 and Windows 8/8.1.

In this article, we list some solutions and hope they will be useful.

Stopping the Print Spooler Service

Restart Print Spooler Service

Temporarily stop the print spooler service by following the steps below, then try installing Office and check the results. read more

How to Download NVIDIA Drivers without GeForce Experience

Many of you know how difficult it is to get your software imposed by companies when you don’t want to install it. Nvidia is also guilty of that. If you are a Nivida GPU user, you know that when you install drivers for your GPU, an add-on program called Geforce experience is also installed with the drivers. If you want this program, that’s fine, but many people find it useless, as there are already many boot programs for every online game these days. All these programs running in the background can slow down your PC, especially if your specifications are not first class. However, thanks to the latest Nvidia driver, you can now install the GeForce driver even without any GeForce experience. read more

Fix: SWTOR This application has encountered an unspecified error

Star Wars The Old Republic is one of the most popular Star Wars games of all time, which has been constantly played since its release. The game is great, but you may face some problems during the game. One of them is probably the message “This application has encountered an unspecified error“.

Follow the methods described below to easily solve the problem on your computer. The methods are ordered from the simplest and most useful to the end, but try all options!

Update your drivers

Sometimes these problems may be caused by driver conflicts or hardware failure. read more

Fixing High CPU Usage by IAStorDataSvc on Windows 10

If IAStorDataSvc encounters high CPU utilization in Windows 10, this is due to Intel Rapid storage technology. It advertises itself as a service that can cause not only high CPU utilization, but also high memory and disk load, as well as overheating and performance degradation. It usually appears on any PC with Intel Rapid Storage Technology on an HP PC. You’ll also find that your fan is running at high speed whenever the average CPU load increases by up to 50%.

You should know that this service is used to speed up access to your files. However, if you are not using the SSD on your PC, you don’t need to install it. read more