How to Recover Deleted Text Messages on iPhone

Text messages can be lost for a variety of reasons, including accidental deletion, incorrect iOS upgrade, jailbreak error, or other unfortunate circumstances. Rest assured, you can, at least in some cases, recover lost text messages from your iPhone. How is this possible? The iPhone stores all SMS, MMS and iMessage data in a SQLite database, an open source utility built into all mobile phones and most computers, which comes with many popular applications.

When you delete a message, the space simply changes from “allocated” to “unallocated”, while the message data remains in place to be eventually overwritten by new messages that arrive over time. Before the new data overwrites the old data, you can restore these messages. The first thing to do is to temporarily stop the messages until you find your lost messages. read more

How to Forward your Emails from Hotmail to Gmail

Google provides an option in Gmail to migrate all email and contacts from Hotmail and other POP and IMAP email services. The import tool accesses your Hotmail with your credentials and automatically imports all your data, so you can switch from using Hotmail to using Gmail. In addition, the service automatically transfers email messages sent to your Hotmail account to your Gmail inbox, so you can continue to receive messages sent to your old account.

Gmail vs Hotmail

In the beginning, Gmail had several significant advantages over Hotmail. The most important was that it offered 500 times more storage space: 1 GB! Gmail also had a much better system for finding and blocking spam, and it worked as an application rather than an HTML website. (HoTMaiL takes its name from HTML.) This made Gmail faster and more responsive. read more

How to Set File Permissions on Mac

MacOS uses permissions to restrict access to applications, files, and folders. Using this security control can help protect your data from unauthorized access. Whether you use your Mac in public places or share it with others, you should change the permissions on your documents to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of your data.

Of course, it can be difficult to balance convenience and security when using permissions. Users who are too restricted cannot perform basic tasks. And if you give users too much power, you risk privilege escalation or worse. Make trial and error to find an appropriate level of security that everyone can live with. read more

How to Lock Down your SSH Server

Learn how to secure your systems and prevent unauthorized access through the social sciences and humanities by following these simple suggestions.

SSH or Secure SHell replaced Telnet as the remote access protocol of choice somewhere in the 1990s, and for good reason. SSH allows administrators – or users – to access a remote shell via a secure tunnel by connecting their SSH client to an SSH server. SSH can also handle file transfers, which should replace FTP, although there are a surprising number of situations that still rely on good old plain text FTP. read more

How to Connect Chromebook to External Monitor

Chromebook computers are equipped with connectors that allow them to be connected to a computer monitor, TV or other display. You can mirror your desktop across multiple monitors or use the additional monitors as separate desktops to save extra space.

You can also wirelessly mirror your entire Chromebook-or just one tab of the browser-to an external display. This external screen requires only a Chromecast or other device that supports Google Cast.

To physically connect your Chromebook to an external display, you must use the connector that came with your Chromebook. Depending on your Chromebook, you may have one or more of the following connectors. read more

The Difference Between Symmetric and Asymmetric Encryption

Computer encryption is based on the science of cryptography, which has been used since people wanted to keep information secret. Most forms of cryptography used today are computer-based, simply because a human-based code is too easy for a computer to decipher. Cryptosystems use a number of techniques known as cryptographic or encryption algorithms to encrypt plain text messages into encrypted or ciphered messages or to decrypt plain text messages.


An algorithm is essentially a method or formula for solving a data mining problem. An encryption algorithm is a set of mathematical procedures for performing data encryption. Using such an algorithm, information is made in ciphertext and requires the use of a key to convert the data into its original form. This brings us to the concept of cryptography, which has long been used for information security in communication systems. read more

How to Add Custom Lock Screen Message on Android

Android is known for its flexibility of adaptation. Whether it’s the home screen, the application drawer or the notification window, you can customize everything to suit your needs. So why should the lock screen on your Android phone stay the same? It doesn’t. You can customise the lock screen in several ways.

The lock screen is your access to your phone. In its simplest form, you can access and reply to your notifications, view the date, time, and battery information, among other things. read more

How to Delete a Keyboard Layout on Windows 10

New versions of Windows 10 have a new Keyboard page in the Settings application. It completely replaces the classic Control Panel options that are removed in Windows 10 build 17063 and later. The new page allows users to change the display language, text-to-speech, speech recognition, and writing options. Learn how to add or remove a keyboard in Windows 10, as the user interface has been modified for this purpose.

If you’ve upgraded to Windows 10 Build 17074 and later, the new language options may seem strange to you. Unlike previous versions, it does not include the user interface for language settings in the Control Panel. You must now use the Settings function to configure the locale settings. In Windows 10, you can use the Settings application to add or remove a keyboard layout. read more

How to Disable Linked Duplicates in Photos App for Windows 10

The Windows 10 Photos application is capable of finding exact duplicates of the files stored in your image collection. By default, it displays them in a single file. This can be very confusing. If you prefer to view duplicate photos while managing your image collection, you should disable the “Linked Duplicates” feature. Here’s how it works.

Windows 10 comes with a photo application that replaced Windows Photo Viewer and Photo Gallery. Your tile is pinned to the Start menu. Photos provides easy ways to view and edit photos from the user’s local drive or OneDrive cloud storage. read more

Enable Read Aloud for PDF Files in Microsoft Edge

The learning tools are integrated with the Microsoft Edge browser, which gives readers in your class more options for interacting with the text. Use the learning tools in Microsoft Edge to have any web page or PDF file read aloud to you as you follow the words on the screen.

The immersive reader in Microsoft Edge now has learning tool features such as reading aloud, page topics, text size, syllables, and word highlighting.

Let Microsoft Edge Read your E-books Aloud

This new feature also supports all non-storable EPUB files. Currently the list of supported languages is limited to the following languages: r-EG, ca-ES, da-DK, de-DE, en-AU, en-CA, en-GB, en-IN, en-US, es-ES, es-MX, fi-FI, fr-CA, fr-FR, it-IT, ja-JP, nb-NO, nl-BE, nl-NL, pt-BR, pt-PT, sv-SE, tr-TR, zh-CN. read more