Restricted network connection under Windows 10

If connectivity is limited and only the local network is available, you will see an exclamation mark above the network icon or Wi-Fi icon. If you can connect and you do not have a limited Internet connection, or if you do not want to be notified, Windows cannot display this exclamation mark.

To disable this yellow triangle exclamation mark , start the ‘Run’ dialog box by pressing Win+R in combination. In the empty field , type regedit and press Enter to open the Registry Editor. When UAC prompts you, press ‘Yes’. read more

Critical error Your Start menu does not work on Windows 10

If one of your Start menu does not work, we will try to correct it the next time you connect to Critical Error on Windows 10, then this message will help you solve the problem.

Your Start menu does not work

This error occurs if some of your files and system settings have been corrupted. This may be due to a native problem or because you have installed or uninstalled software that leaves files or settings corrupted. Only the Start menu or the Start & Cortana menu can cause you problems. If you see this error when starting your Windows PC, click the Start button to open the Start menu, reboot your system and check if Windows was able to repair it. If not, here are some things you may want to try. read more

How to track the use of 3G and LTE data under Windows 10 and get

Data is valuable to anyone surfing the Internet with a device every day. We know for sure that most people don’t have an unlimited data plan, so they need to be careful how they use their data to watch chat videos on Facebook. It’s never easy to keep things together, you know, track your use of data and everything related to it. But if you use a Windows 10 or Windows 10 Mobile device, it’s easy to manage your data usage. Let’s see how you can track and store or get 3G and LTE data on Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile and how you can save bandwidth and costs. read more

Fixed full screen problems in Windows 10 when playing games, movies, etc.

Some applications only appear in full screen mode. When you watch a movie or play a game, you want to use the entire screen for the application. However, some users of Windows 10 operating systems complain that they face different types of problems and full-screen problems with Windows 10. Sometimes it does not switch to full screen mode, sometimes full screen mode only covers part of the screen, while at other times it only goes into a maximized window. Let’s take a look at some steps that can help you solve the problem. read more

Missing volume icon in the Windows taskbar 10

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you want to increase the volume of a downloaded clip to make it audible, just to notice that the volume icon is missing in the taskbar of your Windows 10 computer? The problem occurs when the behavior of the system symbol selection is grayed out. The more general approach to solving this problem is to search for a solution via the Settings program or the Control Panel, but also to manually define icons in the notification area.

Missing volume icon in taskbar

1] In the WinX menu, open Settings > System > Notifications & Actions. Click here on the link Activate or deactivate the system icon. read more

How to share image and video files with Windows 10 Photos App

The display of photos under Windows has not been very good so far. The Windows Photo Viewer, the standard application for displaying photos when browsing a folder in the File Explorer, did its job well, but was by no means feature rich. Things changed with the release of Windows 10. A new application has been introduced – Photos App with many editing and sharing functions.

File sharing with Windows 10 Photos App

The photo application includes a variety of editing options to enhance your photos/images, from automatic corrections to advanced adjustments. Once the edition is finished, you can share it with your friends and family without leaving the application. read more

Use the Compact OS function to reduce the size of Windows 10 OS

Windows 10 contains a new feature called Compact OS. With the built-in tool compact.exe, you can reduce the size of the operating system and run it from compressed files, as in WIMBoot. This article talks about the Compact OS function under Windows 10 and explains how to compress operating system files to save disk space.

Before talking about the compact functionality of Windows 10, let’s take a quick look at the WIMBoot functionality of Windows 8.1, which was introduced in Windows 8.1 to allow users to save space on devices with less memory. Windows 8.1 as such requires about 9 GB. When users implement WIMBoot, the disk space occupied is reduced to 3 GB. read more

This application is no longer available under Windows 10

If you installed the November update and updated Windows 10 to version 1511, you may have received a notification This application is no longer available in your Action Center. Windows 10 uninstalls installed programs that cannot run for compatibility reasons.

If this happens and you see a message in the Notification Center, it is the Windows Program Compatibility Wizard that makes it available at work.

During the upgrade process, Windows searches for and deletes programs that do not work on this version of the operating system. They can see their program files, but their registry and other settings are not saved, so they no longer work. read more

Aircraft mode under Windows 10

in the ON state.

Airplane mode switch is locked, grayed out or does not work

If Windows 10 is locked in Airplane mode, here is what you should try if you have problems. Before you begin, make sure your device is set to the On position using a physical Wi-Fi power button or switch.

1] Press key Fn+Funkturm. On my Dell, it’s between the F12 and the PrtScr key.

(2) Maybe something is disturbing its function. Restart Windows 10. Do not connect. You will see a Wi-Fi icon at the bottom right of your screen on the login screen. Click on it and see if you can turn aircraft mode on or off. read more

Groove Music App Error 0xc00d1388 under Windows 10

Our experience with computers or browsers is not always easy. Sometimes we encounter problems that are not only difficult to solve, but completely unknown because they are in the form of codes. Such a problem usually occurs when you try to connect to Groove Music App under Windows 10 – Error 0xc00d1388. If you receive errors 0xc00d1388 when trying to connect to Groove Music App on Windows 10 or Windows 10 Mobile, you may need to migrate your Xbox Live account.

The main cause of this problem can be attributed to the Microsoft account and your Windows 10 PC settings that do not match. These settings must be the same. For example, if you have an American Microsoft account, the settings must be set to America. Thus, the solution easily available to you is to configure the Microsoft account and the settings of your PC on the same. read more