Windows Host Process Rundll32 has stopped its work

Rundll32.exe is a process that runs DLLs and stores their libraries for more efficient use by applications. This program is important for the stable and secure operation of your computer and should not be stopped. Check if the rundll.exe file is in the System32 folder. If this is the case, it is Microsoft’s legitimate process, otherwise it could be a virus.

The following is mainly based on the fruitful discussion at TechNet, and the important points have been selected from there and presented here. read more

How to disable integrated Windows Zip support

Windows offers the ability to compress files by supporting Zip functionality. Although this is a very useful feature if you are already using a third-party compression program, some of them can disable built-in Windows Zip support and associate the external Zip program with the Zip file format. In this article we see how to disable this ZIP feature built into Windows.

In Windows XP this solution worked. All you had to do was uninstall a DLL file. Open the Run field, type and press Enter : read more

Disable popup description for folders and desktop items in Windows 10/8.1

If you move the mouse pointer over a folder or desktop item, a description or tooltip appears. This pop-up window displays details such as the total size, free space, creation date, size, folders and files it contains, etc. If desired, you can disable pop-up description for folders and desktop items in Windows 10/8/7.

Folder and desktop item description

If you want to disable folder and desktop item description, open Folder options. Under Windows 8, you can enter folder options in the search on the Home screen and select the result. Click the View tab and deselect Show description of folders and desktop items . read more

Windows error code 0x80070643: MSE, NET Framework, Windows Essentials, etc. cannot be installed

You may receive a Windows error code 0x80070643 when installing certain applications on Windows. Some users are faced with this error when installing Windows Live Essentials such as Windows Live Mail, Microsoft Security Essentials, or even the.NET Framework. This article shows you how you can try to fix this Windows error.

If an error message appears at the end of the installation during the installation of Windows Live Essentials : These programs could not be installed.

0x80070643 – These programs could not be installed

I suggest you take the following steps to resolve the problem: read more

Format the external drive or control diskette with the command prompt

The only way I could reuse the external drive was to check for disk errors and format it if necessary.

If you find that your USB or external hard drive has become inaccessible in such a situation, this tutorial will help you by showing you how to check and format the hard drive for errors using CMD or the command prompt and hopefully access it again.

Check the disk with CMD

In the Windows 8 WinX menu, open a raised prompt and type the following :

/f E :

Here is the letter E of the USB or external drive – or any other drive – where you want to look for errors and correct them. So make sure you replace it with the correct letter in your case and press Enter. read more

Hardware that does not work on Windows 7/8/10

You must have noticed that when you disconnect a device from your Windows computer, safely remove the hardware

Because before disconnecting a device from your computer, you must prepare Windows for the change with this feature. This ensures that Windows has backed up all data on the device again and that the device is released from the hold. If you delete the device without using the Safely Delete Hardware function, you may damage your files and data. read more

File or folder permissions cannot be changed in Windows

When you create a new file or folder in Windows 10/8/7, the Windows operating system assigns it a default set of permissions called Effective Permissions. You may want or need to change these permissions from time to time.

File or folder permissions cannot be changed

But if, for some reason, you cannot set custom permissions for files or folders, here are some things you can try depending on your symptoms.

      1. If the Security tab is not visible : If you can only see the Share tab and NOT the Security tab, check the properties of this disk. The Security tab is only visible on NTFS drives and is NOT displayed if you are using the FAT file system. If you set permissions and then apply them to something other than the default location (this folder, subfolders and files), Windows Vista and later add a check mark in the Special Permissions box. You can now view the permissions assigned by clicking Advanced > Edit > Edit > User / Groups > Edit. You may need to scroll to the end of the permissions list to view them.
      2. You notice that check boxes are shaded for some users, and check boxes for these users are not available in the Permissions dialog box: Such permissions are inherited from the folder where the file/folder is stored and are not explicitly set. To interrupt the inheritance chain, click’Advanced’ in the’Security’ tab in the’Advanced Security Settings’ field, then click’Edit’ and finally’Include inheritable permissions from parent objects’.
      3. If authorization settings are not available: You must check your user accounts. Are you logged in as a member of the Administrators group? Or are you the owner of the object to define its permissions? If you are logged in as a default user, you can only see your own authorization settings. If you select another user/group in the Security tab, the authorization field is not available.

      If this does not help, use DropPermission to solve this problem immediately. For more information on troubleshooting file and folder permissions problems, see this article. read more

Control panel or empty system restore window in Windows 7/8/10

A handful of Windows 7/8/10 users have faced this problem. When they opened the Control Panel or system restore window, it looked empty or white.

In addition, some Windows users have also found that if they use.

Control Panel or System Restore

If you are faced with this problem, here are two things you might want to try:

Perform the system file check. Restart and see if it helped.

If this does not help, it can also happen if some of your affected DLL files are not saved for some reason. DLL is an abbreviation of Direct Link Library. DLLs are code libraries used in programming applications to work with the Windows operating system and other applications. They offer several functions in a single file. The advantage of DLL files is that they do not load your computer’s memory, since DLLs are loaded into memory only when the file is needed. read more

The hosted network could not be started when Windows was configured as a HotSpot

We all know that Windows 7 has added the function Wireless Hosted Network to the operating system -Windows for the first time, so you can transform your system -Windows into a hotspot to share data connections with different devices. We have already explained how to manually configure Windows as a hotspot. Today, we encountered a problem that prevented us from hosting the hotspot from a Windows 8 system.

The hosted network could not start

Every time we tried to start the hosted network , Windows came out with this error:

The hosted network could not start. read more

Create a program compatibility troubleshooting desktop shortcut

Programs or applications developed for earlier versions of Windows may also work in higher versions of Windows, but some may work poorly or not at all. As a last resort, you can try running Program Compatibility Troubleshooter to simulate the behavior of earlier versions of Windows when an older program does not work properly. The program can be better adapted to an older version of Windows. Program compatibility troubleshooting allows you to test your program in different modes (environments) and with different settings. This allows you to emulate earlier versions of Windows so that a program thinks it is running on the operating system it needs. read more