How To Fix: 0x8007052E Logon failure unknown user name error

If you have not changed your Windows login password, the error “Logon failure unknown user name” 0x8007052E indicates database corruption that the Windows task scheduler uses to store login information. You may be able to recover by deleting and recreating the corresponding schedule (d Task), but user reports (and web search) indicate that if this happens spontaneously, it can happen again. It is possible that only a new Windows installation will solve the problem.

0x8007052E Error

Note that the Windows Task Scheduler is not part of our software, but is part of your system. read more

Fixing 0xc0150002 Application Error in Windows

The Windows error code 0xc0150002 contains the error message “The application could not be started correctly”. This problem may be due to system file corruption.

0xc0150002 Application Error

This problem is sometimes also caused by problems with Microsoft Visual C++ if a required programming runtime environment is missing on your system. This error usually occurs on newly installed computers or laptops, especially if not all applications are installed, as these runtime files are usually installed with a variety of applications. read more

How To Repair Error Code 0X8007047E in Windows

0x8007047e and other critical errors can occur if your Windows operating system is damaged. Program opening becomes slower and response times are delayed. If multiple applications are running, crashes and freezes may occur. There may be many reasons for this error, including excessive boot entries, registry errors, hardware/ RAM memory losses, fragmented files, unnecessary or redundant program installations, etc.

0X8007047E Error

There are many reasons why 0x8007047e occurs, including the fact that malware, spyware or programs have not been properly installed. You can have all kinds of system conflicts, registry errors and Active-X errors. 0x8007047e is a problem that occurs when an unexpected condition occurs or when a scheduled operation fails. If you have a bug in Windows, it can be critical and cause your programs to freeze and crash, or it can seem harmless but irritating. read more

(Solved) Windows Update Error 8024402C Fix

Do you get error code 8024402C when updating windows? This error may occur on Windows 10 and other versions of Windows. This is the usual Windows update error.


It appears on your computer screen as this message:

Windows could not check for new updates.
An error occurred while searching for your computer.
Error found:
Code 8024402C Windows Update encountered an unknown error.

This Windows 8024402c update error is caused by incorrect proxy or firewall settings that prevent Windows update services from connecting to the Internet. read more

How To Fix Windows Outlook/Live 0x800CCC19 Error

0x800CCC19 Windows error is an observed problem in some configurations that use antivirus software to scan emails. Sometimes the scanning of email messages by your antivirus or firewall application can cause this error. Check the antivirus/firewall software options to disable scanning for incoming and outgoing messages. You can also temporarily disable or uninstall the application until you are sure that this is not the cause of the problem.

0x800CCC19 Windows Error

One of the reasons for the 0x800CCC19 error code in Outlook Express and Windows Live Mail is an incorrect SMTP or POP port number. Specifically, if you set the outgoing server (SMTP) to run without encryption, but changed the port number to 465 (the encryption port number), you will receive the error code above. read more

Fixing Windows Update Problem with 8E5E03FE Error Code

Windows Update Problem with error code 8E5E03FE indicates an error on the Internet or local computer. Problems with the Internet can be caused by intermittent connectivity, low speed, modem or router configuration, ISP restrictions, local machine configuration problems, etc. Local machine errors occur when the computer has applications, Windows, drivers, etc. that are not up-to-date and even if the computer is not adapted to its performance, resulting in corruption of files, directories, registry and other data affecting the hard disk. read more

How to Repair Installation Error 0X800401F0 in Windows

Error 0x800401F0 occurs on a Windows PC when programs or drivers for the hardware are installed. The most common error occurs when connecting devices over the network or when connecting to a remote workstation. The reason is that there are not enough rights to change the software or access to a network resource.

0x800401F0 Error

This is because the Windows installer has problems connecting to the installation server. You can try uninstalling and re-registering Windows Installer.

Unregister/Register Windows Installer

Unregister Register Windows Installer

Remove the Windows Installer registry and log back in to Windows Installer. To do this, follow these steps: read more

Fix: Windows Activation Error 0xC004D302 Code

The Windows activation error code 0xC004D302 indicates that the security processor has reported that the trusted data memory has been reactivated.


The error 0xC004D302 can be very large and each number represents a different problem. In order to use these “codes” to correct the wrong thing, a thorough investigation is necessary.

Here are some possible causes of this error:

1. changes in the default permissions of “C:ProgramDataMicrosoftCryptoRSAMachineKeys”.

2. Corruption in license files. (Tokens.dat) read more


STOP error 0x0000005A always appears on a STOP message, better known as the Blue Screen of Death (BSOD). In this case, the 0x5A error specifically calls that an important service could not be started.


This error is usually caused by a missing or damaged device driver or incompatibility problems with the newly installed hardware or driver.

Here is a list of possible solutions to this error:

Use automatic repair

Automatic Repair

Automatic repair is a Windows recovery tool that can solve some system problems that might prevent Windows from starting. Automatic repair checks your computer for problems and tries to repair it so your computer can start up properly. Perform the automatic repair and check the error status. read more

Fix BCD Error Code 0xc0000034 on Windows (Solved)

The error code 0xc0000034 (Boot Configuration File is Missing) is one of the annoying blue screen for deaths associated with some Windows operating systems. Users tend to encounter this error code when starting Windows. The system does not boot and the screen turns blue or black. Normally, there is no way to solve this problem and no other explanation of what this error really means and why it occurs.

Error code 0xc0000034

One of the most common causes of this error are boot files, which are either missing, corrupt or misconfigured. This may occur due to hard disk write errors, power failures, boot sector viruses, or errors in the manual configuration of these files. read more