Configure, configure and use parental controls on Windows 7

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With Parental Controls on Windows 7, you can manage your children’s computer use. They can limit the use of their PC over time and control all types of games and programs they use on their computer.

This feature will certainly help you control your child’s habits. If your child tries to play a game or run a program that you are blocking using parental control, a message indicates that the program has been blocked. Your child can click on a link in the notification to request permission to access that game or program. You can authorize access by entering your account information.

To configure parental controls, you must have administrator account usage rights. Parental controls can only be applied to standard user accounts. Make sure your child’s account does not have administrator rights.

enable parental control for a default user account :

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1. go to Control Panel and click Parental Controls to open it. Click the default user account for which you want to set parental control. To create a new default user account, click Create a new user account and create a new account.
  • Under Parental Controls, click On, force the current settings .
  • Once you have enabled parental control for your child’s default user account, you can make the following individual settings and block the following content:
  • Time limits: You can set time limits to control when children can connect to the computer. Time limits prevent children from registering at specified times. You can set different connection times for each day of the week. If they are connected when the time allocated to them expires, they are automatically disconnected. It will really help if your child uses the computer continuously for long periods of time.
      • Games : You can control access to games, select a rating level, select the types of content you want to block and decide whether to allow or block unrated or specific games.
        • Allow or block certain programs: You can prevent children from running programs that you do not want to run.

Parental controls allow you to control your child’s activities and computer use.

Stay tuned, in my next article, I will explain how to install advanced features like web filtering, activity reports, etc. with parental controls.

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