Enable, disable, use remote desktop connection under Windows 10/8.1

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ind the’Remote Desktop’ option on the left in System. Click and wait for the Remote Desktop page to load

(2) A prompt appears. Click Yes.

Further settings appear:

You can configure your options for the following settings :

    1. Keep my PC awake when connected
    2. To allow an automatic connection from a remote device, make my PC detectable in private networks

If you need more options, click Advanced Settings.

Here are some additional settings you can configure.

Note: Since Remote Desktop Client 6.0, Remote Desktop connections only work with network-level authentication. If you do not want to share Admin authentication information, go to the remote desktop settings and click’Select users who can remotely access this PC’ and adjust the settings. There are also ways to remove this restriction

Remember to click’OK’ at the end of everything to enable Remote Desktop Connection.

PS: To learn how to connect to a Windows 10 PC using Remote Desktop, visit this post entitled – Configuring and Using Windows Remote Support.

It is recommended that you select the users for whom you want to share administration information. Share your device information only with trusted users on trusted devices.

TIP: Here you see all command line parameters for connecting the remote office.

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