To use the Contact Support application under Windows 10

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We covered various features of Windows 10 to help you better understand them before you start, because well started is half done! A new feature added by Microsoft in Windows 10 is a safety net for users who do not find the help they need. Users can now contact Phone or Chat with Microsoft Answer Tech Support Team via Contact Support App in Windows 10 to solve problems related to Windows, Internet Explorer, Edge, OneDrive, Office, Xbox, Bing, Microsoft Account, etc. You can chat online or schedule a call.

Windows Support Contact 10

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The easiest way to access the application is to enter Support in the search field and click on the result. Once the application is launched, you can connect to the Microsoft Helpdesk with a few mouse clicks.

First, make sure you are logged in with your Microsoft account.

Select the option where you need help and click on it. For example, if you select Services and Applications then Windows, you will see these three options :

  1. Commissioning (installation, settings and activation)
  2. Technical support (errors and other performance issues)
  3. PC protection (virus and malware removal, etc.)

Select your option and get four contact options – Ask the community, chat online, call me or schedule a call.

Decide how you want to contact Microsoft. You can click the’Online chat with Microsoft Response Technology’ option to start the chat or one of the other options. If you need more information, please fill it in. Once everything is done, you can ask questions about your Windows 10 application and expect a quick response from the local technical support team.

I am sure Windows 10 users will find this application very useful!

There are other simple ways to contact Microsoft support . This article gives details on his phone number, live chat, email ID and other useful links. This article shows additional options for getting help on Windows 10.

You can now remotely access technical support via Quick Assist on Windows 10.

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