Start the Windows 10 settings pages directly with these commands

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If there are Windows 10 settings that you access frequently, you want an option to open them directly by clicking a desktop shortcut or right-clicking in the context menu, with the right mouse button? Now, in this post, we see the URI for the setup applications that directly open the respective setup page.

URI for some Windows 10 settings

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A URI or Uniform Resource Identifier is a string used to identify the name of a resource. So, if you know the URI for each parameter, you can create its shortcut on the desktop or modify the Windows registry and add it to the context menu.

Launch Windows 10 preference pages directly

Microsoft has listed URIs that target certain preference applications in Windows 10. This table lists the URIs that you can use to display the parameter pages embedded in Windows 10.

body >settings pageURIth>th>th hintshintsNotifications>


configures:easeofaccess keyboard keyboard keyboard


Feedback & Diagnosticssession cleanupWelcome screen
ms settings .: surfacehub-welcome


ms settings : Enable

Available Only if the company has deployed a provisioning package

As mentioned above, you can use this list to create shortcuts on the desktop.

Create desktop shortcuts to open various settings in Windows 10

To create a desktop shortcut, right-click your Windows 10 desktop > New > Shortcut.

In the wizard that opens, enter the setting URI. Here, I use the URI for the landing page of the settings application – ms settings :

Click Next to continue and give it an appropriate name.

The shortcut is created. Right-click the icon > Properties > Web Document > Edit. Select an appropriate icon, click OK/Apply and Exit.

If you now click on the link, the landing page of the setup application opens.

You can also do this for any other setting of your choice.

Add a context menu to open some Windows settings 10

to open Windows Registry.

Navigate to next button :


Right-click Shell > New > button. Name the key appropriately. I called it Settings because it is the Settings application landing page that we add to the context menu.

Right-click the newly created Settings > New > button button. Name this key as command .

Finally, double-click the default value of the command in the right window and enter the value data as :

C:Windowsexplorer.exe ms parameters :

Click OK and exit. Right-click on the desktop and you will see Settin. gs as the context menu entry.

Clicking this button opens the Settings application. You can also create a desktop shortcut or a context menu entry for each setting.

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Never forget to create a system restore point before making changes to your system.

You can also pin any Windows 10 settings that you access frequently.

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