Reset or delete data usage under Windows 10

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Regular computer users generally monitor their data and bandwidth usage, especially users with limited data usage schedules. While the previous version of Windows 10 allows you to reset or delete the use of network data via Settings, Windows 10 v 1703 has no direct settings.

Windows 10 comes with an integrated data usage monitor that calculates and displays the network data usage of all your applications, software, programs, Windows updates, etc..

Displaying network data usage under Windows 10

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To view details of your data usage, press Win+I to access settings, click Network and Internet and go to Data usage . Here you see the data for the last 30 days.

Click View usage details and you can see the data consumed by each of your applications and programs.

If you wish, you can manually reset or remove your network data usage restriction on your Windows 10 PC using a batch file or free software.

Delete data usage under Windows 10

Manually delete the contents of the sru folder

To reset the data usage counter, proceed as follows.

Start Windows 10 in safe mode. The easiest way is to press the Shift key, then click Restart. If you are in safe mode, open the following folder :


Delete all contents of folder sru

Restart your PC in normal mode and check. Your network data usage has been reset.

The other way to do this manually would be to open the Services Manager, stop the Diagnostic Policy Service, delete the contents of this srufolder, then restart the Diagnostic Policy Service.

2] Data backup, restore, reset script

But you have an easy way. You can use this Windows 10 Data Usage Reset Script sent by Hendrik Vermaak.

This download provides a fast solution for Windows 10 users to restore Backup, Reset and Reset and Restore from Network Data Usage files easily and quickly when needed. With this download, you can not only reset or delete the data usage, but you can also backup them first and restore them if necessary. Click here to download it from our servers.

3] Reset data use

The third option is to use free software. If you don’t want to disable the network adapters or boot into safe mode every time, Reset Data Usage is a simple and fun tool to help you.

This is a lightweight tool that comes in a zip file and takes less than a minute to land on your PC. Download the tool, extract the files and run the executable

Click Data Usage and you will be directed directly to the Settings page, where you can see the data usage for all your applications. Click Reset Usage and the tool will delete all your usage data files and reset them. It can be downloaded here.

After resetting the data usage, you can see the results on the Data Usage Settings page.

You can reset or delete the network data usage limit in a Windows 10 PC.

High data usage? This article shows you how to limit and monitor data usage.

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