Modify, add, delete items from the new context menu in Windows 10/8/7

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The context menu offers you additional functions by offering you actions that you can perform with the item. You can also create new documents, folders, shortcuts or items by choosing the New context menu. But over time, you may find that you are not really using most of the new items in the context menu, or you may want to add some items. We have already seen how to add, remove and edit all context menu items in Windows. In this post, we will see how you can edit, add or remove items from the New Context Menu in Windows 10/8/7 using the registry editor or a freeware.

Modify or delete elements of the new context menu

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Use the registry editor

Open the registry editor and navigate and expand the next key :


Find the new input file type you want to delete from the new context menu. If you want to delete a new Word document, you must search for the.docx key and expand it. Next, you must delete the ShellNew key. This removes the entry for creating a new Word document from the new context menu.

To add an item or file type, browse by file type. Right-click and select New > Key and give it a name ShellNew. In the right pane, select New > String Value, name it NullFile and set its value to 1.

Use Freeware

You can also use an open source tool called ShellNewHandler to disable or remove items from the new context menu. Simply download and run this portable tool.

Turn off the option you want to turn off or remove and click Apply. The entries no longer appear in your new context menu. To enable the item, simply check the box and click App.

Another freeware called New Menu Editor allows you to delete or add new or different entries to the context menu.

You can download it from its download page on CNET. Don’t forget to click on the small direct download link to download only the tool. To add items, select the items in the left pane and click the Add or + button. To delete items, the selected items appear in the right pane and click the Delete or Thrash button. Read the help file for more details.

When you clean the new context menu, you get a new smaller menu by deleting items you do not want.

See how to add a new file type in the Windows File Explorer ribbon menu. And check this box if your NEW context menu is missing in Windows. See this message when the context menu freezes or opens slowly.

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