Display the background of my desktop when starting grayed out under Windows 10/8.1

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With Windows 8.1, you can display the desktop background image as the startup screen background by using the My desktop background at startup setting in the taskbar and navigation properties. However, if you notice that this setting is grayed out or disabled, one of these suggestions will help.

To access this setting, right-click the Windows 8.1 taskbar, select Properties, and click the Navigation tab. Is your show my wallpaper grayed at startup? If so, try these suggestions.

Enable Windows 8.1

First, check that your Windows is enabled. Otherwise, these and many other parameters are not available. Even if you had activated Windows earlier, it would be a good idea to confirm it again.

You can view your license status and Windows activation ID with slmgr.vbs. If it is not enabled, you must enable your Windows copy.

Make sure the Show window background option is enabled

Open the PC settings via the shortcut bar > Simplify Options > Other settings. Make sure the option Show Windows background is enabled,

Change Windows registry

Run regedit to open the registry editor and navigate to the next key :


Make sure the DWORD MotionAccentId_v1.00 value is set to db in hexadecimal or 219 in decimal. If it doesn’t exist, create it.

No group policy settings match this setting unless specifically added from the Group Policy Management Console. – There is no doubt that your administrator has disabled this setting using the local group policy editor.

Let me know if any of these proposals have helped you.

Read this message if you cannot change the wallpaper in Windows.

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