Windows Server 8: Download, Overview, Features, Product Overview

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Windows Server 8 as a developer preview was presented at last year’s BUILD conference and now Microsoft has released its version Beta Version with many features for IT professionals and software developers. Microsoft has long been a pioneer in the field of servers, with a number of versions over time, advanced features and with more functionality, Windows Server provides the secure and fast platform for developers.

Windows Server 8, is Microsoft’s server that dramatically improves IT economics through an automated infrastructure for high availability networks, storage and computing on industry-standard hardware.

The main strengths of Windows Server 8 are the provision of an infrastructure that goes beyond virtualization and provides the performance of many servers with the simplicity of a server.

Windows Server 8 server management has been significantly improved, and a new power box with 2300 commands has been added.

Features of Windows Server 8

Let’s see some of the many features of Windows Server 8 :

Beyond virtualization:

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With Windows Server 8, enterprises can deploy private clouds in a flexible computing environment that dynamically adapts to changing business needs. No matter the size of your business, Windows Server 8 virtualization technology provides the foundation for creating a complete platform for a private cloud.

If you are a hosting provider, then these are the things you need from Windows 8 Server Increase scalability and performance environment that can be tailored to your needs. You can also use the Disk Space function to convert your memory into cheap, feature-rich and highly scalable standard hard drives.

Hyper-V Network:

Hyper-V networking offers easy boarding in a private cloud and the flexibility to place your virtual machines in a data center. Network virtualization enables workload migration and virtualization without worrying about the underlying network topology. Hyper-V Cloud makes it an extension of your data infrastructure.

Server Application Platform:

The server application platform allows you to develop and host the most demanding application workloads. For example, with.NET Framework 4.5, you can take advantage of the new asynchronous language and library support to develop server and web applications that go far beyond what other platforms offer.

Windows Server 8 is a proven application and web platform with thousands of applications already developed and implemented. Windows Server 8 comes with many reduced features. Download Windows Server 8 Beta to explore the next world of memory management.

Windows Server 8 Download

Download Windows 8 Server Beta here, and product description here. Only admnistrator owned posts can execute the include me shortcode

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