Duplicacy is a cloud backup tool for Windows PC

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There are few tools on the market that can perform a backup of data in the cloud. But very few are effective and above all free. Duplicacy is such almost free for personal use Cloud Backup Tool for Windows. You can use this tool to back up your data to popular cloud storage services such as Google Drive, Google Cloud, Dropbox, AWS S3 and Microsoft Azure.

We process large amounts of data on a daily basis. These can be important files, images or photos; each of us wants to make sure that our data remains secure. Regular backup of this data is the only way to ensure data security. Duplicacy helps you back up your important data from time to time.

Cloud backup tool

Duplicity is provided with many interesting features. Some of these functions are as follows:

  • Incremental backup : If you use Duplicacy, the free cloud backup tool for Windows, you don’t need to remember what you updated and when. This tool only saves changed data.
  • Full Snapshot: Although Duplicacy only saves data that has been modified, you still get a snapshot of the data set. The full image of the backed up data makes it easy to restore and delete unwanted data.
  • Deduplication: Duplicacy, the free cloud backup tool for Windows, does not store multiple copies of the same data. It identifies duplicate data at two levels, the file level (recognizes identical files) and the block level (recognizes identical parts from different files). This type of duplicated data is stored by Duplicacy Tool as a copy.
  • Encryption : The Duplicacy tool allows you to encrypt not only file contents, but also paths, sizes and times.
  • Deletion: If you think that some data or files are unusable and should be deleted, you can do so without affecting other data. In fact, the replication tool gives you the freedom to delete all data from the backup store.
  • Simultaneous backup : Duplicacy, the free cloud backup tool for Windows, allows multiple clients to backup simultaneously to the same location.
  • Backup migration : If you want to migrate all or selected backups to another cloud storage, you can do so using duplicity.

Duplication for Windows PC

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To use Duplicacy as a free cloud backup tool for Windows, download it from the website. This tool is about 8 MB in size and does not take much time to download. Open the EXE file and the tool will install itself.

When you open the tool, you will be asked if you want to purchase a license or use it as a free trial version. The Personal License only costs $1 a month, so we say it’s almost free.

Then you see the following window with three tabs : Backup, Restore, and Logs.

Click ‘Repository’ to select the data, files or folders you want to backup. Click the button next to the text entry used to display the repository and the repository configuration dialog box will appear.

Click’Select’ in this dialog box to select the repository. If you intend to save everything in the repository, click’Save’ and you can skip to the next section on storage configuration. Alternatively, you can add exclusion/inclusion templates so that only certain files or directories are backed up. To exclude a directory, click the Exclude Directory button and select the directory to delete. Only admnistrator owned posts can execute the include me shortcode[toggle title=”Related Video”][/toggle]

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