Enable two-step verification in the Microsoft account

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Microsoft has just announced the introduction of the long awaited two-step verification process for Microsoft Account. This security system will be introduced in all countries in the coming days.

Today, a Microsoft account has become a key that unlocks everything from a Windows 10 PC to your Windows phone, from Xbox to Outlook.com, from SkyDrive and Skype to Office and more. In this context, Microsoft decided to introduce an additional security layer with the introduction of the optional two-step verification.

A two-step verification means that Microsoft will ask you for two pieces of information each time you access your account. For example, it may be your password and a code sent to your phone or registered email.

Enable 2-level scanning in your Microsoft account

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To enable 2-level scanning in your Microsoft account, go to account.live.com/proofs/Manage and follow the required steps.

When you access your Microsoft account, you will receive a code to enter.

For Windows Phone, Microsoft has released a Microsoft Authenticator application that supports a standard two-level verification code protocol and can be used with your Microsoft account and other systems that support two-level verification codes, such as Google and Dropbox.

We used to have an idea of trusted devices that was similar but only worked for IE and asked you to manage a list if you had too many devices. With this version, we’ve simplified things – you can skip codes on all modern browsers on all major platforms, and you never have to manage the list. If you lose or sell a device, you can always revoke these trusted devices by going to your security settings on account.live.com, says Microsoft.

For devices that you use regularly, you can select an option not to request security codes.

In case you don’t know – you can now log into your Microsoft account with any alias.

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