Error 0xc00d11d1 (0x8007007e) when playing music in the Xbox Music application

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In Windows 8, the Xbox Music application could be a good alternative to the native Windows Media Player . The Xbox Music App application allows you to easily organize your songs with different filters and play them with the charming Modern UI. We have already seen how to fix Can’t Plays bugs with 0xc00d11cd (0x8000ffff) code for this application. Recently, however, we encountered another error when playing music from the application. In this scenario, when we tried to start a song, this error prevents us from doing it:

Cannot play

Make sure your computer’s sound and graphics cards work and have the latest drivers, then try again.

0xc00d11d1 (0x8007007e)


When you look at the error message, it is suggested that we update the drivers – but the latest drivers have already been used on the system where we had this problem. Sound and video cards also work perfectly, and the Windows Media Player can be played on the same computer without any problems.

What was wrong with the Xbox Music application, why couldn’t it be played? Well, there is a simple solution mentioned below to fix this bug for Xbox Music app, and that is: to disable improvements. Here is how to do it

Errors 0xc00d11d1 (0x8007007e) for Xbox Music App

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1 First right click on the icon Volume/Sound Sound in the taskbar notification area and select Playback Devices from the displayed context menu.

2 In the Sound window below, select Speakers, then click Properties.

3 Finally, in the Speaker Properties window (16), select Disable all extensions. Click Apply followed by OK.

Click again on Apply followed by OK in the Sound window displayed in Step 2. Restart your computer and your problem should be solved, you should now be able to play music via Xbox Music App without problems.

Let us know if it helped you!

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