Foxy Games

Angry Birds Rio
Road Construction Simulator
Heroes of Hellas 3 - Athens
Build a Lot 4 - Power Source
Build-a-lot 7 - Fairy Tales
Hoyle Puzzle and Board Games 2012
Monopoly City
Vegas Penny Slots 3
Curse at Twilight - Thief of Souls
Wedding Salon
Running Sheep Tiny Worlds
Gardenscapes - Mansion Makeover Collectors Edition
Experiment 2
Wings of Horus
To the Moon
Vacation Quest 2 - Australia
Dream Tale - The Golden Keys
Abyss - The Wraiths of Eden
Fairly Twisted Tales - The Price Of A Rose with Guide
Haunted Legends 3 - The Undertaker CE
The Gift
Bus Driver
Gardens Inc - From Rakes To Riches
Green City
Azkend 2 - The World Beneath
9 - The Dark Side Of Notre Dame
Building the Great Wall of China
Gardenscapes 2 CE
Hallowed Legends 3 - Ship of Bones
Mysteries of the Mind - Coma CE
Phantasmat - Crucible Peak CE
Sacra Terra 2 - Kiss of Death
The Missing 2 - Island of Lost Ships
Tiny Token Empires
NYC Taxi Simulator
Little Inferno
House of 1000 Doors - Family Secrets CE
Murder - She Wrote 2 - Return to Cabot Cove
7 Wonders V - Ancient Alien Makeover CE
Angry Birds Seasons [HD]
No Time To Explain
Dark Strokes Sins of the Fathers CE
Dreamscapes - The Sandman PE
Heroes from the Past - Joan of Arc
King Oddball
Silent Scream II - The Bride
The Lake House - Children of Silence CE
Outta this Kingdom
Sweet Kingdom - Enchanted Princess
Worlds Best Board Games
Risk - 2012
Barn Yarn Collectors Edition
PuppetShow - Destiny Undone
Alice in Wonderland
Bunny Quest
Cooking Academy 2 - World Cuisine
Factory Mania - Cuddle Toys for All
Pet Store Panic
The Scruffs 2 - Return of the Duke
Sudoku Kakuro & Friends
Gutterball Golden Pin Bowling
New Super Mario Forever 2012 - FULL PC Version - Foxy Games
Mahjongg Dimensions Deluxe 2 - Tiles in Time
Mystery Case Files 8 - Escape from Ravenhearst CE
Super Mario Forever 2013 - FULL Windows Version - Foxy Games
Cradle Of Egypt - Collectors Edition
Dana Knightstone - Novel 3 - Death Upon an Austrian Sonata CE
Dark Parables - Rise of the Snow Queen Collectors Edition
Death Under Tuscan Skies - A Dana Knightstone Novel CE
House of 1000 Doors 2 The Palm of Zoroaster CE
The Royal Trap
Angry Birds - Christmas Edition - Seasons HD
Angry Birds - Year of the Dragon 2012 - Chinese New Year - Seasons HD
Big City Adventure - Sydney Australia
Solitaire Mystery - Stolen Power
Odissea - An Almost True Story
Grim Tales 3 - The Wishes With Guide
Pahelika 2 - Revelations
Shadow Wolf Mysteries - Bane of the Family CE
A Wizards Curse
Abandoned - Chestnut Lodge Asylum Update
Adore Puzzle
Asian Mahjong
Azada In Libro Collectors Edition
Big City Adventure - Vancouver CE
Citadel Arcanes
Depths of Betrayal Collectors Edition
Ghost Encounters Deadwood
Haunted Past Realm of Ghosts CE
Hidden Mysteries - Royal Family Secrets With Guide
Hoteis Jewels
Jewel Quest - The Sapphire Dragon Standard Edition
Jewels of East India Company
Living Legends - Ice Rose CE
Long Distance Love
Monument Builders - Titanic
Phenomenon - City of Cyan
Puzzler World 2
Royal Envoy II CE
Sea Legends Phantasmal Light CE
Shiver 2 - Poltergeist CE
Silent Nights - The Pianist CE
Vampire Saga 3 Break Out
White Haven Mysteries - Strategy Guide Included
White Haven Mysteries CE
Virtual City 2 Paradise Resort
Subway Surfers
Nightmare Realm 2 - In the End CE
Be a King - Golden Empire
Big City Adventure 6 - Paris
Final Cut - Death on the Silver Screen Collectors Edition
Mayan Prophecies - Ship of Spirits Collectors Edition
The Keepers 2 - The Orders Last Secret CE
Witch Hunters - Stolen Beauty CE
Farm Frenzy - Viking Heroes
Chicken Invaders 4 Easter Edition
Mystery of the Ancients Curse of the Black Water CE
Slots from Bally Gaming
The Beast of Lycan Isle CE
Botanica - Into the Unknown CE
Red Crow Mysteries - Legion
Small Town Terrors 2 - Pilgrims Hook CE
Delicious 8 - Emilys Wonder Wedding
Diner Dash 5 - Boom Collectors Edition
Drawn 3 - Trail of Shadows
Delicious 7- Emilys True Love - Premium Edition
The Legend of Egypt
Carol Reed 9 - Cold Case Summer
Dark Tales 5 - Edgar Allan Poes The Masque of the Red Death CE
Farm Mystery - Happy Orchard Nightmare
Lost Secrets 4 - November 1963
The Keepers - The Orders Last Secret
Whispered Secrets - The Story of Tideville Collectors Edition
Jewel Quest Mysteries The Oracle of Ur Collectors Edition
Charm Solitaire
Crime Solitaire
Hot Dish 2
100 Percent Hidden Objects
Witches Legacy 2 - Lair of the Witch Queen CE
Mystery Case Files 9 - Shadow Lake CE
Haunted Hotel 5 - Eclipse CE
Fill and Cross - Trick or Treat
Nancy Drew - Secret of Shadow Ranch - Plus Guide
Grim Tales 4 - The Stone Queen CE
Delicious 9 - Emilys Honeymoon Cruise
Delicious Emilys Holiday Season
The Secret of Margrave Manor Remastered
Haunted Halls - Fears from Childhood Collectors Edition
Unfinished Tales Illicit Love
Diner Dash 5 - BOOM
Hotel Dash 2 - Lost Luxuries
Dark Canvas 2 - Blood and Stone Collectors Edition
Dark Parables - Jack and the Sky Kingdom Survey
Enchantia - Wrath of the Phoenix Queen
Fairy Tale Mysteries 2 - The Beanstalk
Margrave Mysteries - Curse Of The Severed Heart
The Fog - Trap for Moths
The Secret Order 2 - Masked Intent CE
Apothecarium Renaissance of Evil CE
Christmas Stories 2 - A Christmas Carol Collectors Edition
Cursery - The Crooked Man and the Crooked Cat Collectors Edition
Old Paintings Ghost
Otherworld 2 - Omens of Summer CE
Age of Adventure- Playing the Hero
The Torment of Mont Triste CE
Bridge Constructor
World Mosaics 7
Dream Hills - Captured Magic
Excursions of Evil
Fall of the New Age CE
Hidden Expedition 6 - Smithsonian - The Hope Diamond CE
Hidden Memories of a Bright Summer
Mysterium - Lake Bliss Collectors Edition
The Great Gatsby - Secret Treasure
Mystery Trackers 6 - Raincliffs Phantoms
Trade Mania
Tripps Adventures
Dark Angels - Masquerade Of Shadows
Dark Sisterhood The Initiation
Special Enquiry Detail 2 Engaged to Kill
Esoterica - Hollow Earth
Haunted Camp - Evil Games BETA
Mermaid Adventures 2 - The Frozen Time
Kingdoms Heyday
Paris 1925
Queens Tales - The Beast and the Nightingale
Stranded Dreamscapes - The Prisoner CE
Mexicana - Deadly Holiday
Redemption Cemetery 5 - Bitter Frost Collectors Edition
The Emerald Maiden - Symphony of Dreams CE
Caveman Physics
Amazing Adventures 5 - Riddle of the Two Knights
Azada 4 - Elementa CE
Behind the Reflection 2 Witchs Revenge
Dark Cases - The Blood Ruby CE
Dark Mysteries- The Soul Keeper CE
Death at Cape Porto - A Dana Knightstone Novel Collectors Edition
Demolition Master 3D - Holidays
Dr Hoo Word U
Fantastic Creations - House of Brass CE
Fearful Tales Hansel and Gretel CE
Haunted Manor 2- Queen of Death CE
Jar of Marbles 2 - Journey to the West
Love Story 2 The Beach Cottage
Maestro 3 - Music from the Void
Matchmaker 2 - The Curse of the Deserted Bride
Mystery Age 3 - Liberation of Souls with Strategy Guide
Mystery Trackers 3 - Black Isle Collectors Edition
Nightfall Mysteries 3 - Black Heart Collectors Edition
Otherworld 3 - Shades of Fall CE
PuppetShow 4 - Return to Joyville CE
Small Town Terrors - Livingston
The Great Unknown - Houdini Castle CE
Tiger Eye 2 -The Sacrifice
Timeless 2 - The Lost Castle
Midnight Mysteries 4 - Haunted Houdini Deluxe
Cook Serve Delicious- Extra Crispy Edition
Hoyle Illusions
Questerium - Sinister Trinity CE
Way To Go
Dominions 4 - Thrones of Ascension
Sky Taxi 4 - Top Secret
Botanica 2- Earthbound Collectors Edition
Jewel Legends 3 - Magical Kingdom
Midnight Castle
Spirits of Mystery 4 - The Silver Arrow Collectors Edition
Super Mario Forever Galaxy
The Rainbow Machine
Jo Dream - Organic Coffee 2
Riddles of Fate 2 - Into Oblivion BETA
Chicken Invaders 4 - Thanksgiving Edition
2 Tasty Too - lamour a Paris
Exorcist 3 Inception of Darkness
New Super Mario Forever 2012 Low Graphics Fix
Myths of the World 2- Stolen Spring Collectors Edition
Love Alchemy - A Heart In Winter
Polar Bowler 1st Frame
Haunted Halls 4 Nightmare Dwellers
Aldorlea Tales - 3 Stars of Destiny
Ancient Jewels 3 - Cleopatra Treasures
Legends of Solitaire 2
Death Pages - Ghost Library CE
European Mystery 2 - The Face of Envy
Mystery Trackers 4 - Four Aces CE
Nevertales - The Beauty Within CE
Nightmares From The Deep 3 - Davy Jones BETA
Secret Trails - Frozen Heart Collectors Edition
Spirits of Mystery 3 - The Dark Minotaur CE
The Torment of Whitewall CE
Dark Parables 4- The Red Riding Hood Sisters CE
Phenomenon 2 - Meteorite CE
Hidden Files Echoes of JFK
Striptease Championship 2014
Boulder Dash - Dig The Past - Episode 1
Boulder Dash - Final Blast - Episode 3
Boulder Dash - Jive-n-Cave - Episode 2
Boulder Dash - Rockford Returns - Episode 4
Mystic Palace Slots
Containment The Zombie Puzzler
Jo Dream - Organic Coffee
Fifa 14 Update 1+Crack fix
Blue Rose
Pizza, Pizza
Golden Ticket - An Amusement Park Sim Game
Sea of Lies - Mutiny of the Heart CE
Voodoo Chronicles - The First Sign CE
Aquascapes CE
Battlefield 4 Patch
9 - The Dark Side Collectors Edition
Mystery Case Files 10 - Fates Carnival Collectors Edition
Solitaire Mystery 2 - Four Seasons
Halloween 2 - The Pirates Curse
Reality Show - Fatal Shot CE
Monument Builders 6 - Empire State Building
Tales of Terror - Crimson Dawn + Strategy Guide
Witch Hunters 2 - Full Moon Ceremony CE
Train Simulator 2014 - Steam Edition
Eastville Chronicles The Drama Queen Murder CE
Dark Tales 4 - Edgar Allan Poe The Gold Bug CE
Kingdom Tales 2 HD
New Yankee In Santas Service
The Veil Of Mystery Seven Little Gnomes
Grim Facade 5 - The Artist and The Pretender
Enigmatis - The Ghosts of Maple Creek Collectors Edition
Rite of Passage The Perfect Show CE
Entwined 2 - The Perfect Murder
The Agency of Anomalies 2 - Cinderstone Orphanage CE
9 Clues 2 - The Ward
Talisman Prologue
Grim Legends 2 - Song of the Dark Swan CE
Nightfall - An Edgar Allan Poe Mystery
Rorys Restaurant Deluxe
Nancy Drew 31 - Labyrinth of Lies BE
Antique Shop Book of Souls Platinum Edition
Mayan Prophecies 3 - Blood Moon CE
Weird Park 3 - The Final Show
Danse Macabre 2- Moulin Rouge Collectors Edition
Ancient Space
Blue Tear
Grim Tales 7 - Color of Fright Collectors Edition
Magnificent Seals
Riddles of Fate 3 - Memento Mori Collectors Edition
Royal Express
Nightfall Mysteries - Black Heart
Final Cut 4 The True Escapade CE
Big City Adventure 9 - Istanbul
Christmas Stories 3 - Hans Christian Andersens Tin Soldier CE
Dreamscapes 2 - Nightmares Heir
Echoes of the Past 6 - Wolf Healer Collectors Edition
Hidden Object Crosswords 2
The Far Kingdoms 2 - Winter Solitaire
Vampire Legends 2 - The Untold Story of Elizabeth Bathory CE
Fantasy Mosaics 5
Haunted Legends 5 - The Stone Guest CE
Paranormal Pursuit - The Gifted One Collectors Edition
Barter Empire
Turtix 1 and 2
Mahjongg Platinum Evolution
Jewel Match - Winter Wonderland
Magic Cards Solitaire
Awakening 7 - The Golden Age CE
Christmas Eve - Midnights Call Collectors Edition
Monument Builders 9 - Cologne
Shrouded Tales - The Spellbound Land CE
Chicken Invaders 5 - Cluck of the Dark Side
Delicious 10 - Emilys New Beginning
Five Nights at Freddys
Youda Sushi Chef 2 [Update]
Fishdom - Depths of Time CE
The Cursed Island - Mask of Baragus CE
Pirates Solitaire 2
Dark Parables 8 - The Little Mermaid and the Purple Tide CE
Magic Match 2 - The Genies Journey
Fear for Sale 6 - Endless Voyage BETA
Halloween 2 The Pirates Curse
Nightfall Mysteries 4 - Mourning the Past
The Perfect Tree
Emberwing - Lost Legacy BETA
Taken Souls - Blood Ritual - BETA
Grim Facade 3 - Cost of Jealousy CE
Hallowed Legends 2- The Templar CE
Brink of Consciousness 2 - The Lonely Hearts Murders CE
Echoes of the Past - Royal House of Stone
Echoes of the Past 3 - The Citadels of Time CE
Octoberfest Manager
Temple of Life - The Legend of Four Elements and Guide
Cook, Serve, Delicious - Battle Kitchen Edition
Haunted Train 2 - Frozen in Time [BETA]
Lucky Luke - Transcontinental Railroad Builders
Myths of Orion - Light from the North HD
Whispered Secrets 3 - Into the Wind CE UPDATE
Fishdom - Seasons Under the Sea - Halloween
Letter Quest - Grimms Journey
Mystery Case Files 11 - Dire Grove, Sacred Grove CE
Super Trench Attack
DragonScales - Chambers of the Dragon Whisperer
Halloween Night - Pumpkins Match
Rescue Team Series
Hidden Object Home Makeover 2
Cooking Academy 3 - Restaurant Royale
Ghost Towns - The Cats Of Ulthar CE
Maestro 2- Notes of Life - Standard With Guide
Mystery Agency 3 - Visions of Time
Big City Adventure Pack
Reveries 2 - Soul Collector - Collectors Edition
Asteria - Resurrection
Nancy Drew The Haunting of Castle Malloy
Barons Bonanza 2 Slots HD
Bridge to Another World 2 The Others CE
Enigmatis 2 - The Mists of Ravenwood CE
Silent Nights 2 - Childrens Orchestra CE
Detective Riddles- Sherlocks Heritage
Viking Saga 3 - Epic Adventure
Farm Frenzy Hurricane Season
Weather Lord 4 - The Successors Path
Wings Remastered Edition
Forgotten Kingdoms - Dream of Ruin CE
Danse Macabre - Thin Ice CE
Game of Stones
Spirit of Revenge 2 Elizabeths Secret CE
Tibetan Quest Beyond The Worlds End CE
Witches Legacy 6 Dark Throne CE
Solitaire Game - Halloween
Luxor Super Pack 9 Games In 1
Monument Builders 7 - Great Wall of China
Monument Builders 8 - Alcatraz
Janes Hotel - Family Hero
Fairy Tale Mysteries - The Beanstalk
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