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Kellie Stanford - Turn of Fate
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Royal Riddles - Fill and Cross
Cradle of Rome
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Ostrich Runner
Sky Kingdoms
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Charlaine Harris - Dying for Daylight
Bomb Threat
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Mermaid Adventures - the Frozen Time
Zombie Murder Hell Arrives
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Work The Orc!
Carl the Caveman - Christmas Adventures
Holiday Jigsaw - Halloween
Snowy - Treasure Hunter 2
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HyperBalloid - Around the World
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Cemetery Warrior 3
Going on Vacation
Love Ahoy!
Billiardino 2
Fill and Cross - Pirate Riddles 2
Iron Sea Frontier Defenders
Snow Blind
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Epic Adventures - Cursed Onboard
Vampire Saga - Welcome to Hellock
Dungeons And Skeletons
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Halloween Night Riddle
Story of Beyond
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Imperia Online
Shadow Kings - The Dark Ages
Angela Young 2 - Escape the Dreamscape
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Iron Heart 2 - Underground Army
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