Novell, Inc.

NMAS Challenge Response Method
NMAS Client
ZENworks Desktop Management Agent
ZENworks Asset Management - Client Applications
Novell ZENworks
NICI 64 bit
iFolder 3 Client
Gtk# for .Net 2.12.9
Novell Vibe Add-in
Novell Client for Windows
Novell Messenger
Novell Filr
ZENworks Patch Management Agent
ZENworks for Desktops Management Agent
Client Novell pour Windows
Designer for Identity Manager
Novell GroupWise
Novell SecureLogin
Application Launcher
AppWare Version 1.20
Character Conversion
Conversation Place
Envoy For Windows 95
General Purpose ZIP File Library
Groupwise 8
GroupWise mailto Protocol Handler
GroupWise Tip of the Day
GroupWise XML Intergration Service
GroupWiseX Controls
GWMime Module
LAN WorkPlace Pro for Windows 95/NT
LGNW3116 Dynamic Link Library
LGNW9532 Dynamic Link Library
NDPS Listener/RPM for Win32
NDPS Printer Properties Shell Extension DLL
NDS Provider
NetWare Client API for C
NetWare Client API for C 1.0
NetWare Client API Thunk Layer
NetWare Cross Platform Requester Support API for C 1.0
NetWare Win9x Login Extension
Novell Client
Novell Client for Windows
Novell Client for Windows NT
Novell Client Login for 32-bit Windows
Novell Client32 Windows
Novell Client32/NT/2000 Client
Novell Dictionary 32-Bit
Novell Driver Compression Library
Novell GroupWise
Novell GroupWise Resources
Novell GroupWiseConnector for Outlook
Novell International Cryptography Infrastructure
Novell iPrint
Novell nalntsrv
Novell NDPS Print Provider
Novell NDPS Print Provider For Windows 9x
Novell NetWare Login API for Windows NT/2000/XP
Novell NetWare Password Provider Extensions.
Novell NetWare Print Provider
Novell ODI Client Services for Windows 95
Novell Password Synchronization
Novell Print Provider
Novell Printer Install Library
Novell Secure Password Manager Client for DClient
Novell TalkLang
Novell wm95
Outside InĀ® Technology
Reference viewer Dynamic Link Library
Remote management
Speller Engine
Synchres Dynamic Link Library
Telephony Framework
Third-Party Application
Third-Party Software
User Word List Engine
Workstation Manager Inventory Extract SnapIn Resources
WP Shared Code
ZEN for Desktops
ZenPol - ZENworks Library
ZENworks Adaptive Agent
ZENworks Asset Management
ZENworks Desktop Management
ZENworks for Desktops
ZENworks For Desktops 3
ZENworks for Desktops Remote Management