Mozilla Firefox app for Windows optimized for Touch – Review

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Since I started surfing the Internet, Mozilla Firefox has always been my favorite browser. I used it during the Windows XP days and I now use it, even on my Windows 8.1 Well, the Firefox team is working on the Firefox Metro application for Windows Touch editions. I recently tested the beta version of this application, and it seems that Mozilla did a good job with it, and we might hope to get the stable application soon.

If you want to test it now, you can follow these steps to get Firefox in Metro mode:

Firefox Application for Windows Touch

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1 Go to this page and download the beta version of Mozilla Firefox. If you already have Firefox installed on your system, you will be prompted to upgrade.

2 The Firefox configuration now downloads and installs the browser.

3 When the browser installation is complete, you can click the orange Firefox button and select Relauch in Firefox for Windows 8 Touch.

(Finally, you can see Firefox in Windows 8 mode :

The Firefox home page is really great with a high resolution. Scroll horizontally to section Bookmarks and Current History.

It should be noted that only the design has been modified here, not the functionality. The productivity of this browser is still the same – in my opinion even better than others on touch.

You can press the keys Windows + I (common to all Metro Apps) to preserve parameters charm in the application. However, few options are available here, as we have tested the beta version. But more options are expected in the stable release. The simple navigation key makes navigation faster.

JavaScript alerts are also disguised this time.

You can now download files using the file browser Modern:

In short, if you only use Firefox to surf, then this application is a good option for you. But if you have a commercial job like developing a website or publishing something that requires a vocabulary correction, then it is best to use the desktop version (16).

The application will launch Windows Store shortly after development so that end users can use it.

I hope you will use the Firefox application for Windows 8!

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