Mozilla Firefox continues to slow down on Windows 10/8/7

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Firefox is a popular alternative browser for the Windows operating system. But users of the Mozilla Firefox web browser know that it slows down over time. Over time, the browser slows down and stops responding. You may notice that Firefox sometimes crashes, jams or blocks. Here are some tips to help you run Firefox fast – as was the case after a new installation.

Firefox is getting slower under Windows

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1) Make sure you have the latest version of Firefox installed. Mozilla has introduced several speed improvements in its browser and you want to use them.

2) Regularly Clean your Firefox browser cache, history, current history, download history, etc. You can use CCleaner or you can do it natively in Firefox itself. Open Firefox and press Ctrl+Shift+Delete to open the Delete Last History field.

Select the desired options and click Remove Now. This post on Firefox Freezes or Crashes will give you some additional ideas.

3) Keep plugins up to date, especially Adobe Flash and Java. Go here to check if you have the latest versions of your plugins installed.

4) If you configure Firefox to use the’Session Restore’ function to display your windows and tabs since the last time, it may take a long time before Firefox starts if you opened multiple websites the last time.

Make sure that the default setting of the tabs is not loaded until they are selected. In this case, only the last selected tab page is loaded at startup.

Uninstall or deactivate third party add-ons, plug-ins or extensions that you do not need. Click Manage Addons in the File menu. Here you can also manage your add-ons, plugins and extensions. Also delete Userscripts, if applicable.

Your Firefox can work much faster even if you disable slow add-ons and plugins.

6) Avoid Topics

If you notice that your Firefox is still slowing down, reset it. The

Refresh Firefox
Function can solve many problems by resetting Firefox to its default state. Resetting works by creating a new profile folder for you while you save your essential information. It stores some of your personal information such as bookmarks, browser history, passwords, cookies and information to automatically complete web forms. However, no installed extensions, themes, tab groups, personal settings, customization, etc. are saved.

8) If you do not find anything, you can reinstall Firefox after saving your bookmarks and settings using the free MailBrowserBackup or FavBackUp software.

Share if you have additional tricks to prevent Firefox from slowing down, and make sure it always runs fast!

Go here if you are looking for free tools to accelerate Firefox.

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