Firefox 29 comes with new design and customization options

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Firefox 29 is now available for download. Mozilla launched Firefox 29 with a new design interface and various customization options. The popular web browser has been completely redesigned and redesigned and includes new features, including an elegant design, a new menu, a customization mode and an advanced Firefox synchronization service supported by Firefox accounts.

Mozilla Firefox 29

The new design is minimalist and cool with thin tabs that let you focus more easily on content. When not in use, the other tabs are pushed into the background and become less visible.

The Settings, Options menu appears at right. It offers a new customization mode that promises you an amazing navigation experience. Mozilla has introduced Firefox Sync, a service supported by Firefox accounts that allows you to use Firefox and its settings, saved passwords, data, bookmarks, etc. on your Windows computers and Android mobile devices.

Firefox 29 new features to come

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  1. New thin tabs, new design and modern look
  2. The add-ons manager is now directly accessible from the menu.
  3. Firefox Sync Powered by Firefox Accounts allows you to take your Firefox and its settings anywhere with you and access Awesome bar history, registered passwords, bookmarks and more
  4. Customize and personalize your web experience
  5. Create and manage bookmarks from the same location with a single click.
  6. Firefox menu provides browser controls, features and add-ons in one place
  7. Various Web platform enhancements and new development tools.

I updated my Firefox to the new version and I must say that it looks good and works faster.

Download Firefox 29

Learn more about the new Firefox 29 here, you can update your Firefox by clicking About > Check for Updates or download it from here You can also download Firefox in over 70 languages here. After downloading Firefox, make sure all your plugins are up to date. You can also update your add-ons using the browser’s add-ons manager.

Let us know what you think of the new version of Mozilla Firefox !

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