Google Chrome Shockwave Plugin Flash Video Crash Problem

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Google Chrome is one of the most popular browsers. It has speed, features and many plugins to improve its ease of use. It is this browser advantage that makes it vulnerable to the most common problem – crash plugin. One of its plugins, the Shockwave plugin, is often known to crash Chrome.

A Shockwave Flash plug-in does not respond

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You may have occasionally observed that Chrome cannot play some media files due to a long browser delay and the following message appears with dismay:’A Shockwave Flash plug-in does not respond’. What causes this browser delay? Well, like other browsers, Chrome requires no additional Flash installation. It already has its own internal flash installed, which is updated with each new version.

So if Chrome does not distinguish between the two flash systems (its own internal flash installation and the other), it gets confused and tries to use both installations, conflict.

If you encounter the same difficulty, I advise you to read the article.

Google Chrome Shockwave plugin crashes

Launch Google Chrome. In the browser address bar , type about:plugins and press Enter.

Check list for flash input. If it displays 2 files, the plugin crashes because of the conflict between 2 Flash installations.

To correct this problem, click the[+] option next to the Details link in the upper right corner of the browser window.

This extends the inputs for the plugin. See screenshot below.

If you take a closer look at the screenshot, you will notice that one of the two entries is for the plugin, one for installing Google Chrome Flash and the other for installing the host operating system.

Disable the internal Chrome Flash installation located in the Chrome AppData folder.

After disabling, close the browser. Then restart it and continue surfing normally.

Hope this helps!

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