Chat: Free Chat App and Live Chat Widget for websites

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For a website visitor, it is frustrating enough to think that you have questions about a contribution within the website, but you can’t find methods to ask the website owner, except to comment in the mentioned contribution. The waiting process is uncertain because site owners may even take days to respond unless they monitor their sites 24 hours a day. But readers are not the only ones suffering from the website’s inability to communicate directly with its readers – because they end up providing poor customer service. Landowners will also face traffic losses. A simple way to solve this problem is to set up a live chat function on the website – and Chatwing has the ideal tool for that.

Chatwing – Free chat application for websites

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Chatwing is a free live chat widget for bloggers and websites. It is a chat tool that is both easy to set up and easy to use. Visitors to the website will love it because it gives them a much easier way to communicate with the website owner and others within the website. And it also comes with many features, so it can provide a pleasant chat experience for both sides.

The chat software is equipped with a socially integrated recording interface, which facilitates chatters’ participation in the conversation. They can use their Facebook, Twitter, Google and Yahoo accounts or the Chatwing account if they have one. For anonymous connections, you can use the Guest option.

You can also customize the chat room. The user can change it in every detail, with as many options to choose from. He can even add his own photos to the chat room to make it more unique and to see the videos and photos inside. Integrating music into the chat application is also possible and will certainly make it much more entertaining when people chat inside.

It is difficult to provide good customer service if the site operator cannot protect the chat room from abusers such as spammers. Because the chat application is very accessible, it is very likely that it will be flooded with spam and increasingly bad messages targeting other chatters in the chat room. To avoid this, the site owner must use the security features of Chatwing. Don’t worry, the security system is designed to be both very effective and very easy to use.

The chat software can be enhanced by assigning moderators. They can not only help the user answer chatters’ questions and requests, but they can also manage them when the user is not present. The user can allow them to use banner methods or not, which gives them total control over the entire chat room.

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