SoftPerfect Network Scanner: A free network scanning tool for Windows

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If you manage a small network at home or office, I’m sure you need to keep an eye on IP addresses, MAC addresses, devices on your network for potential vulnerabilities. Well, there is a little tool that could do all this and more for you.

Free Network Scanner

SoftPerfect Network Scanner is free software that provides basic information on all these settings. The tool tracks computers, searches TCP ports, and shows what types of resources are shared over a network (including system and hidden). You can also mount shared resources as network drives, browse with Windows Explorer, filter the results list, and more.

After installing the free software, you will see the SoftPerfect Network Scanner main window. Here you can specify the range of IP addresses to scan. Simply click the Start Scanning button and the program uses ICMP, NetBIOS and SNMP to check everything currently connected to the network.

The network scanner displays at least a list of all connected devices, including network name, MAC and IP address. This helps you easily manage PCs or laptops from here.

If necessary, you can access the File menu to export the current configuration to a file.

If you want to change the data display in the main window, you can also do it directly from the View menu. You can also find more sophisticated tools, such as Remote Shutdown. The program also supports Wake-on-LAN.

  • Ability to start external third-party applications
  • Scans to listen on TCP ports, some UDP and SNMP services
  • Detects internal and external IP addresses.
  • Retrieves currently logged in users, configured user accounts, uptime, etc.
  • Exports results to HTML, XML, CSV and TXT
  • Gets potentially all information about WMI
  • Program completely free, requires no installation
  • Malware, virus-free
  • Compatible with Windows 10/8

Download SoftPerfect Network Scanner

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SoftPerfect Network Scanner is a powerful but easy to use network scanner for Windows with many useful features. You can download the free network scanner tool from here

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