Free paperless online recorder for recording activities in full screen, partial screen or with webcam

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We have already seen some freeware for desktop screens. But if you’re looking for a free, feature-rich online video recorder for Windows, you might want to check out Apowersoft Online Video Recorder This free online tool will help you record your on-screen activities with audio track and without delay and can work in many ways, allowing you to edit the video directly as you record the screen.

Free Paperless Online Recorder

As soon as you visit the website and click the Start Registration button, JavaScript is installed. The default settings are set to the default WMV video output. This video format is very versatile and can be used in a variety of environments such as YouTube, etc. Of course, this free paperless recorder can also create any other type of video files you need, such as AVI, MP4, FLV, MKV, MKV files and even SWF files. Many other file formats are also supported, and the settings allow you maximum flexibility, from lossless conversions to minimum space requirements for finished video. But wait – what were the two webcam recording methods we were talking about earlier?

Recording Select Full Screen Only or Region

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The first recording method on your screen allows you to select any area on your screen. This region is then recorded to the finished video – optionally with your live audio track.

Please note that with this image recording tool, you can use any area of the screen as an input area, not just the full screen mode, which is also included as an option. The Apowersoft online screen recorder is therefore much more versatile than Windows Live Movie Maker, for example. The area to be detected does not even need to be constant. This tool can even capture the screen around your mouse so you can dynamically navigate to any area of your screen you want to show to your audience.

Capture webcam activity

In addition to the first method, you can also select your webcam as the input device. In this case, the paperless recorder is used to record webcam activities. You can freely choose the output resolution you deem appropriate, such as the full webcam resolution – if you want to record a lossless video. Another possibility would be to choose half the resolution of your webcam. If you halve the width and height of the video, the size of the video file will be reduced to a quarter of its size! This way, you can easily create videos that are small enough to be used as email attachments.

These two methods also allow you to create beautiful picture-in-picture videos with this free paperless recorder. It also offers an even wider range of functions, such as creating scheduled tasks.

Apowersoft Online Screen Recorder seems to be superior to other similar free tools, with its support for many more file types and many essential features that are simply missing in others. The quality of the output files is also good.

Apowersoft Online Screen Recorder free download

If you need a free screen recording tool, you can visit the Apowersoft Online Screen Recorder home page .

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