Google Docs vs Microsoft Word Online: Which is better?

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Therefore, please use the user-friendly interface of Google Docs unless you need more features.


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Microsoft Word Online works well with all browsers, and we found no favor granted to Edge. Even if you use it in Chrome, there is an Office extension that allows you to access documents in your OneDrive account without having to log in each time. This makes the entire document creation and processing process much more productive.

To cope with an overloaded interface, Microsoft has introduced a new ‘Smart Lookup‘ feature in its online application. A right click on a word displays a series of options, from which several actions can be performed.

Google Docs retains the image of a bare-bodied text editor. But don’t confuse its simple layout with a lack of functionality. Just explore and dig into the menus, you won’t find it missing behind Microsft Word Online.

Find all formatting and layout options, including the ability to add tables, and a powerful collaboration and sharing tool. Multiple users can access, edit and leave comments with suggestions with variable permissions. While Microsoft Word Online also frees you through the collaboration feature, Docs is always ahead of the curve in this regard.

File compatibility

Both platforms are compatible with the most popular word processing formats. You can download Google Docs with extensions like ODT, HTML, EPUB, TXT, RTF, RTF, PDF.

Whereas Microsoft Word online allows the export of documents online as DOCX, PDF or ODT files. If you also want to open a Google Docs file in Word, you must first convert it.


I currently use both, and both are excellent document editing tools. Because of my personal needs, I prefer the simplicity of Google Docs. But if your office and your business need advanced and sophisticated features, there’s no escaping Microsoft Word Online.

What experience have you had with Microsoft Word Online or Google Docs? We’d like to hear it.

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