How to Fix: 5xx Server Error in Instagram

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Instagram is down for multiple users on the desktop and on the phone. Instagram users reported receiving a “5xx Server Error” when they tried to visit the website. When you go to the Instagram website, you just see a blank screen with a large “5xx Server Error” in bold and nothing else on the page.

5xx Server Error is not specific to Instagram; it is a common code used on the Internet for server errors of all kinds, indicated by the first digit 5. 5xx Non-specific server error instead of more specific server error 500 Internal server error, 501 Not implemented, 502 Wrong gateway, 503 Service not available, 504 Gateway timeout, 505 HTTP version not supported, 506 Also negotiated variant, 507 Insufficient storage, 508 Loop detection, 510 Not extended and 511 Network authentication required.

The different numbers refer to different server errors that can occur and can indicate whether the error is temporary (for example, if a site fails for maintenance) or permanent (if a site has been deleted).

  • 500- This is an internal server error such as a crash of another process, a resource bottleneck, or a script malfunction.
  • 501- Either the user’s action is not implemented, or requests or requests are not accepted by the server.
  • 502- An invalid server response or a bad gateway.
  • 503- Temporary unavailability of an action, program or file. You may also notice that the server may be overloaded, broken, repaired or maintained.

If an Instagram 5xx server error appears when you open Instagram, restart your phone or computer. Make sure you are connected to the Internet. If this is the case, there is actually a problem with Instagram servers. In most cases, it is enough to wait.

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How can I fix the Instagram 5xx server error?

As you may already know, all these server errors are problems on the server side. This means that the servers on the Instagram side are down or have configuration or workflow problems.

There is nothing you can do on your side but wait for failure. Server failures are not new and occur on the best platforms when unexpected events occur that prevent the server from responding to requests from your mobile application or website. The best thing to do is to restart your mobile device and try again. If you are using a computer, check your Internet connection and restart it as well.


Server problems are often caused by maintenance or problems on the site page, but it is worth looking for the specific error code you see and checking what it means. You may find that this is something you can do from your phone, and at least you have a better idea of what is causing the problem, even if it depends on Instagram to solve it.

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