How to Fix Cloudflare Error 524: A timeout occurred

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Error 524 indicates that Cloudflare has established a successful TCP connection with the source web server, but the source did not respond with an HTTP response until the connection was interrupted. Normally, Cloudflare waits 100 seconds for an HTTP response. If the origin does not respond within this time, Cloudflare will close the connection and you will receive the message “Error 524: A timeout occurred”.

If you regularly run HTTP requests that take more than 100 seconds (for example, large data exports), place these processes behind a subdomain that is not proxy (grey cloud) in the DNS Cloudflare application.

Cloudflare usually waits 100 seconds for an HTTP response from your server. If no response (4KB) is sent from your server during this time, Cloudflare closes the connection and serves a 524 error page.

What is the cause of error 524?

This error is often caused by a long process on the origin server, such as a PHP application or database request that the web server must wait before it can respond to a request.

What can website owners do about the HTTP 524 error?

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Based on the above causes, there are several ways to do this.

  1. If you think your WordPress plugins are the cause of the error, disable all your plugins and see if the error disappears. If you cannot access your website dashboard, you can disable your plugins via your file manager by following the instructions here.
  2. If you think you may be a victim of a DDOS attack, enable Cloudflare’s DDOS protection.
  3. If there is a problem with the server that is out of your control, contact your web host immediately.
  4. If you think the problem is updating your database, wait until the update is complete.
  5. In the event of a sudden increase in traffic, you must either update your hosting plan or switch to a web host that can handle the traffic you receive.

Check resources

If this error occurs on your server, it is recommended to check the server resources for high usage. It is possible that the resource consumption may be higher than the normal value at the origin of this error. It is recommended to increase the hardware capacity of the server or to restrict the processes running on it.

Move to the subdomain

If you regularly run processes that take more than 100 seconds to run, you can try moving these processes to a subdomain that is not supported by the Cloudflare DNS application. This removes the 100 second limit on the process and places a normal load on it.

What can visitors do about the HTTP 524 error?

Since this is a problem that only the website owner or his or her web host can solve, there is nothing a website visitor can do except wait for the bug to be fixed or contact the webmaster if possible. However, what you can do in the meantime to see the content of the site is to enter the URL into the time machine or cache display to see if they have an archived version of the page. Google can also display cached pages by clicking on the drop-down arrow next to the URL, so it’s another option.

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