How to Fix Middle Mouse Wheel Button Not Working

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The middle button was a useful addition for mice and was there for a while. The middle mouse button is used to scroll with the mouse pointer, and a simple click on the same button can be adjusted for functions such as opening new tabs, etc. However, many users have reported that the middle mouse button no longer works. The problem is generally more related to the system than to the mouse itself.

Fix the middle mouse button – problem running under Windows 10

Here are some suggestions you can try:

  • Troubleshooting hardware and peripherals
  • Updating mouse drivers
  • Installation of OEM-specific mouse drivers
  • Modify the registry entries.

Troubleshooting hardware problems

The hardware problem with your mouse may prevent the middle mouse from working, so you can check your mouse and see if the problem is solved.

To locate the problem, you can disconnect your mouse from your current computer and connect it to another computer. Then check if the middle button of the mouse works on this computer.

If your mouse works with another computer, it may be the connection problem between your computer and your mouse, or the software problem that causes the mouse to stop working. Check the following solutions to repair it.

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If the middle mouse button still does not work on another computer, it could be a hardware problem with your mouse itself. You can open your mouse and check it with the mouse components (we recommend that you do this only if you are familiar with your computer); we will not cover it here because the mouse structure varies from one mouse to another and from one manufacturer to another. You can modify a Return Material Authorization (RMA) to obtain a replacement if it is under warranty.

Make changes in the registry

If method 1 did not help correct the malfunction of the middle scroll wheel/mouse button, you can try this solution to get your mouse back on track. Of course, for a while, you have to endure a mouse error or use a touchpad to do it.

1 Use the Windows Win + R shortcuts and to open Run.

2. type regedit and press Enter.

3. insert the following path in the address bar of the Registry editor and press Enter :

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop

4. Look for WheelScrollLines in the right pane and double-click it.

5. Change the value data to 3 and click the OK button.

Updating mouse software and checking third-party software


As mentioned above, the included mouse software controls the functions you perform with the mouse and is responsible for interaction with the operating system. There are several cases where the middle button no longer works after a Windows update. Indeed, the application may not be compatible with the operating system.

After each major operating system update, manufacturers introduce their own software updates to cope with the change and adapt their product to the operating system. You should go to the official website of your mouse and make sure that the latest software is installed.
In addition to updating your mouse software, you must also ensure that no third-party software installed on your computer conflicts with your standard mouse software. This software includes mouse utilities such as KatMouse. Make sure these utilities do not interfere. If so, you can uninstall them (Windows + R and appwiz.cpl).

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