How to Fix Trello Syncing Issues

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Trello is a popular visual aid for organizing your work and life. One of the main features of Trello is the syncing of new Trello calendar entries with other third-party services such as Google Calendar and Outlook.

However, several users have reported Trello syncing problems after adding calendar entries to Trello.

The problem of Trello calendar not synchronizing with Google Calendar and Outlook can occur for several reasons, including network issues or problems with Google Calendar.

Clearing the App Cache

Sometimes data that is cached in the application might cause your device to stop synchronizing with the web interface.

  • To resolve this issue, open the settings application on your phone and scroll through the list until you see the Trello application. Tap Trello, and then activate “Erase at launch” on the next screen by tapping the slider next to it.
  • Then close Trello and restart it. To do this, first tap twice on your home button. You should see all applications open on your device. Find the Trello window and drag it up to close it. It will disappear, indicating that it is closed. Then press your Home button again, and then press the Trello application to open it again.

Uninstalling and Reinstalling the Trello Desktop App

  • Go to the application support directory of your system (type %APPDATA% in the address bar of your Windows Explorer).
  • Delete your “com.atlassian.trello” directory.
  • Delete the directory “trello”.

Trello for Desktop now offers more granular keyboard shortcuts as well as the ability to define custom keyboard shortcuts. Click the gear icon in the upper right corner of Trello for Desktop to create custom keyboard shortcuts to open the application and a quick add shortcut to create a map from anywhere.

Logging out of the App and Logging in Again

If emptying the cache does not help you, you can try to log out of the application and log back in. To log out, first open the Trello application and tap the “Account” tab on your main screen (it’s located in the lower right corner of the iPhone or the upper left corner of the iPad). From there, you can select “Logout”.

  • If you’ve made any offline changes that have not yet synched, you’ll see the following warning when you try to log out :
  • In this case, try to go back to a network so that your changes are synchronized before you log out, so that you don’t lose those changes.
  • If you have logged out, select “Log in” to reconnect to Trello.

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