How To Install Windows 10 Update KB4493436

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Windows 10 1703 has received the KB4493436 cumulative update. Since this version has reached the end of the service, Microsoft has only provided the security and quality update. This patch includes improvements mainly in Internet Explorer, setting the date and time for Japanese times, touch screen, roaming profile, and so on.

It contains a subset of the fixes that were made when Windows 10 version 1803 was updated. Only the second known number of 1803 is listed. The update was not accompanied by new features, but it made some useful changes and corrections to the Japanese era format. Corrected a problem that caused PostScript printers to use the wrong font.

Windows Update Enhancements

Microsoft has deployed an update directly to the Windows Update Client to improve reliability. If you configure automatic receipt of Windows updates, you will receive the feature update in Professional and Enterprise editions. This does not apply to long-term issues.

Improvements and fixes

This update includes quality improvements. The most important changes are as follows:

  • Corrected a problem that caused Internet Explorer to block the download of a sub-resource when it was loaded via HTTP on a HTTPS hosted page.
  • Corrected a problem that could prevent custom URI schemas for application log managers from launching the appropriate application for the local intranet and trusted Web sites in Internet Explorer.
  • Fixes an issue that prevents the CALDATETIME structure from handling more than four Japanese periods. For more information, see KB4469068.
  • Fixes an issue where ShellExperienceHost.exe stops working when the Japanese era start date is not the first day of the month. For more information, see KB4469068.
  • Updating the ANS registry to reflect the new Japanese era. For more information, see KB4469068.
  • Corrected a problem where the DateTimePicker displayed the date incorrectly in the Japanese date format. For more information, see KB4469068.
  • Fixes an issue where date and time control caches old break-ins and prevents the control from cooling down when time enters the new Japanese era. For more information, see KB4469068.
  • Font updates to support the new Japanese era. For more information, see KB4469068.
  • Corrected a problem that prevents an Input Method Editor (IME) from supporting the new Japanese character of the era. For more information, see KB44690606068.
  • Corrected a problem where the flyout control of the clock and calendar incorrectly mapped the day of the week to a date in the month of the new Japanese era. For more information, see KB4469068.

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  • Adds alternative fonts for new Japanese era fonts. For more information, see KB4469068.
  • Enables Text-to-Speech (TTS) functionality to support the new Japanese characters of time. For more information, see KB4469068.
  • Fix a problem that causes the error “0x3B_c0000005_win32kfull!vSetPointer” when the win32kfull.sys kernel mode driver accesses an invalid location.
  • Corrected a problem that could cause a touchscreen to stop working after rebooting.
  • Fixed a progressive memory leak in LSASS.exe on systems that have the cache connection enabled. This issue mainly affects servers that handle many interactive connection requests, such as web servers.
  • Fix an issue that could allow a user to continue logging in to an account with a smart card after the account is disabled.
  • Fixes an issue that prevents access to corporate resources when Kerberos credentials are used with Windows Hello for Business (WHfB). Users then receive multiple prompts to enter their credentials.
  • Fix an issue that sometimes causes a PostScript printer to use an incorrect font.
  • Fixed an issue where the Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) PolicySOM (PolicySOM) policy provider uses all available dynamic UDP (User Datagram Protocol) ports. The machines concerned no longer respond.
  • Fix a problem where a roaming profile user loses the custom start menu settings after upgrading the operating system (OS). After installing this update, administrators must enable the UseProfilePathMinorExtensionVersion registry setting, described in KB4493782 for roaming user profiles (RUP). This key allows you to create a new RUP for an updated operating system and prevents the loss of a custom boot menu. The RUP must be saved locally and you must restart the device to activate this function.

KB4493436 Known problems (bugs)

Fortunately, KB4493436 included only one known problem in the table. Microsoft warns Windows 10 users that some specific operations performed with CSV may fail.

Microsoft recommends that users take the following corrective actions to correct the error on their systems:

  1. Perform the operation from a process that has administrative privileges.
  2. Perform the operation from a node that does not have a CSV property.

However, this is a temporary workaround solution and the company promises to solve the problem in the next update.

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