How to Make a Saddle in Minecraft

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You have tamed a horse in Minecraft, but the beast still has a mind of its own – it will absolutely not follow your example. You will need a saddle to control your mount. If you want to craft a saddle using a workbench, we have bad news – you simply cannot craft a saddle.

Somehow the Mojang developer doesn’t make the saddle a craft. Instead, you will need to obtain it in a variety of ways, including trading, researching, and fishing. If you’re brave, you can even fight the Ravager to ride your horse.

Here are instructions on where to find a saddle and who will exchange it.

Where can I find a saddle in Minecraft?

In creative mode:

Java version: Find the saddle under Transport in the Creative Inventory menu.
Pocket Edition: under Tools / Equipment
Xbox One / PS4 / Win10 / Nintendo / Edu: Hardware

Get it from the villager

One of the best ways to get a saddle in Minecraft is to exchange one for 6 emeralds. However, make sure you get the villagers up to level 3 by trading with them. To do this, he buys various items from the villagers.


You can also get a saddle as a fishing treasure in Minecraft. To do this, you need to arm yourself with a fishing rod and cast the line when you are near the pond. However, the chances of catching a saddle are very low. Therefore, try the above steps before fishing.

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Find a saddle in survival mode

There are several places where you can find a saddle in Minecraft while playing survival mode.

Find the chest in the dungeon

Players can often find a saddle and add it to their inventory by looking into the chest while exploring the dungeon. Underground dungeons are usually those with saddles in their chests. The dungeons look like a small room with a monster spawn point in the middle and possibly a few chests.

Find the chest in the Nether Keep.

To explore the Nether Realm, players will need to build a Nether Portal in order to transport them. There can be many chests in a fortress, and each chest contains different items.

The chests may contain a saddle, as well as several other valuables.

How to use the saddle

Once you have a saddle, all you have to do is right-click the horse with the saddle in hand and then apply it to the horse. You also need to tame your horse by climbing and stopping over and over again. As soon as his tamed heart surrounds the horse, then it is tamed.

Horses can roam the forest in groups or alone, so you won’t have a hard time finding them at any time.

Llamas can also be tamed and ridden, but they cannot be saddled with. They can be tamed by feeding them wheat or climbing them over and over until hearts surround them.

Unlike horses, llamas can be hostile and spit at you, which can cause damage. So don’t hurt her. Llamas can only be controlled by moving them on a leash.

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