How To Quote Someone On Discord

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The lack of the ability to quote someone in Discord is rather poor, especially when compared to Slack and other professional information applications that offer the convenience of such a feature.

Of course, we need to understand that Discord was never intended as a working or business platform, and that its birthright was created for actors. The need for a quote is therefore an understatement. While it is nice to be able to quote someone, it not only makes it easier to respond to what is being said, but also makes it easier to highlight critical messages during the conversation.

You can browse through the guide and try out all the alternatives and see what works best for you to start a quote.

How To Quote Messages In Discord

You can quote other Discord users on all platforms (iOS, Android and Desktop) using the same methods. In this tutorial we will focus on Mobile Discord, although the quoting techniques are essentially the same. Multi-line quoting is a bit different on the desktop (it’s actually easier), but otherwise the process works exactly the same.

Single-Line Quotes On Discord

One-line citation in case of disagreement is used when you want to cite something that occupies only one line of text. This means that there is no line break; your fingers never press the return key on your keyboard.

To quote a line, just type the “>” symbol, followed by a space and your quote.

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Multi-Line Quotes On Discord

The multi-line citation is used when you need to quote something that contains line breaks, such as a series of paragraphs. You can do this by simply typing “>” in front of each new paragraph you want to quote, although this can obviously become annoying after a while.

To get around this, you can simply type “>>>” followed by a space at the beginning of your message so that everything you type in that message is part of the quote. The only way to leave this quote is to send the message and start a new one or confirm the “>>>” with the “backspace” key.

Quote With a Bot

If you are a server administrator, a bot may be the most convenient way to quote what others have said. Of course, you will need to add the bot to every string where you want to quote someone, so in many cases the above alternatives may be more convenient.

There are many bots that offer features that allow you to quote messages, here are a few we found

  • CitationBot
  • Bot Quote
  • Source code of a quote bot (if you are a developer and want to see how these bots are created)

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