How To: Re-enable Closing Multiple Tabs Warning in Firefox

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“Close Warning” (also known as Close Warning, Close Warning and Close Confirmation) is an essential feature available in almost all popular web browsers. This feature helps users to continue working on the tabs and not lose their important data by accidentally clicking the Close button in the browser’s title bar.

Imagine that several tabs and windows open in your favorite web browser and you type a message, comment or fill out an online form and accidentally click on the Close button, what will happen? If the browser closes immediately, you will lose all your running websites and all the data you have entered.

This warning is intended to prevent a user from unexpectedly closing the browser without knowing about other open sessions. Some users find this annoying, but sometimes this warning is very useful because it reminds us of other open sessions. If you do not see the warning when you close Firefox, you are about to close several tabs. You are sure you want to continue? by default or you have disabled it yourself and want to return it, follow these steps.

How to reactivate the closing of several tabs in Firefox Warning

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To access this setting, type about:config in the Firefox address bar, then press Enter.

  • Start typing closeWindowWithLastTab in the search box to find the parameter. The parameter browser.tabs.closeWindowWithLastTab must be displayed. By default, it is set to true, which closes the browser when you close the last tab.
  • Now click on the “Close Tab” button of the last tab opened in Firefox.

Bypass solution

The solution to configure Firefox to notify or request confirmation before closing the window with multiple tabs open, or to close the Firefox application, is to disable session recovery by configuring Firefox to start with a home page or blank page. To do this, click on the Tools menu, then on Options. In the Start section of the Main tab, select Show my home page or Show blank page for “When Firefox starts” (Note that “Showing my windows and tabs from the last time” means restoring the session, which means you will not receive a confirmation warning from closed tabs).

After Firefox has been configured to load a home page or an empty page at startup, Firefox requests a dialog box labeled “Close Firefox” with the text “Do you want Firefox to save your tabs for the next start-up? The user can select “Save and Exit” to replace the “When Firefox Starts” setting, to save, restore and reopen all open tabs that were closed during the next Firefox session, “Exit” to restart on the home page or an empty page (as set above), or “Cancel” to cancel the operation and remain in the current window.

Note that this browser.showQuitWarning option has priority over the browser.tabs.warnOnClose option. This means that if you have enabled the Save and Exit option, it will override the default warning behavior when you close multiple tabs.

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