How to recover the free version of Windows 10 after changing your hardware

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Wait, what did you do? You have just changed the hardware on your computer and you hope to get your free Windows 10 license? Want to transfer the motherboard, hard disk, processor, GPU or Windows 10 license to a new computer? Well, you’re out of luck, or maybe we’re just kidding, read on to find out.

Here’s the thing, your free Windows 10 license is linked to your computer, so using it on another computer is not so easy. But if you change a particular component or hardware in your computer, would you still be able to get your free license back?

Enable free Windows 10 license after changing hardware

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Microsoft does not give much information about this because the company wants to keep hackers as far away in the dark as possible. However, this only confuses legitimate users.

The free Windows 10 vs. paid license

This is really easy. Microsoft does not give users a product key with the free license, but this is done with the paid version. Because the free version of Windows 10 is connected to your computer, changing a particular hardware can be problematic because there is no product key to get around the problem.

We know that if you change the hard disk, processor or GPU, everything will be fine, but the real problem occurs when you need to replace the motherboard.

It’s like replacing a person’s brain with a freshly made Walmart brain. He or she will be another person because this new brain does not contain the same memory as the old one.

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How to fix this problem

Install Windows 10 normally and skip the part where you want to add a product key. After installation, Windows 10 attempts to activate and fails. You now have a system that says you have a non-real version of Windows 10.

The activation screen prompts you to activate or purchase a key from Microsoft.

According to Gabriel Aul, vice president of engineering for the Windows & Devices group at Microsoft, users facing this problem can simply contact Windows 10 support and tell them what is happening.

You can contact customer service after making a change of equipment to recover the authorization, Gabe said.

From there, Microsoft ensures that Windows 10 is enabled for you.

It would have been easier if Windows 10 had been linked to a Microsoft account. However, it may be useful if you logged into the same Microsoft account on a system with new hardware after installing Windows 10.

Transfer your Windows 10 license to a new computer

If you have changed your laptop or desktop and now want to transfer your Windows 10 license to the new computer, you can try the following:

  1. Uninstall the Windows 10 product key from the old computer
  2. Install and activate this Windows 10 product key on the new computer.

If you have activation problems, activate Windows 10 by phone. Otherwise, you must contact Microsoft support and explain your situation. The Windows Support Agent checks your Windows 10 product key and then gives you an ID to activate Windows 10 on the new computer.

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