How to Remove FileRepMalware from Your PC

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Reports have increased for a detection called FileRepMalware. It is the name of a detection that may or may not be malicious, but even if it is not, chances are it has a low overall reputation value. This means that files marked with FileRepMalware can be either a virus or potentially unwanted programs such as adware or other apparently dangerous applications. If you have seen FileRepMalware on your computer, we recommend that you read this article carefully.

What is FileRepMalware?

According to the Avast and AVG antivirus suites, FileRepMalware is a malicious file and a potential threat to computers. At the time of the search, a test file was a fake KMSPico – a tool for activating third-party Windows OSes. Previously, this malware was called “Win32:Evo-gen[Susp]”. The “Win32” part indicates that the file was developed for the Windows operating system and, therefore, even if it is present, does not pose a threat to devices running on Mac. The “Evo-gen” part refers to a generic classification of Trojan horse files. Although unconfirmed, FileRepMalware can be a Trojan horse. As mentioned earlier, FileRepMalware was distributed with a fake KMSPico tool that, instead of illegally activating an operating system, downloads and installs adware.

How were the adware installed on my computer?

Fire Rep malware is spread by different methods. In most cases, the above intrusive ads use the bundling method, i.e. the secret installation of third-party applications with the desired software and applications. The developers of these bundles hide the software provided in the custom/advanced settings of the installation or download processes.

Other common distribution methods include the following:

  • Infected attachments
  • External media infected with malware.
  • Infected files in peer-to-peer (P2) file sharing networks.
  • False updates.

What are the symptoms of FileRepMalware?

If you notice these symptoms on your computer, you probably have FileRepMalware:

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  • Unknown or deleted files
  • Recurring errors in the blue screen
  • Slow computer performance
  • Spam messages in your email
  • Unpredictable computer behavior
  • Computer programs stop unexpectedly.
  • New files appear out of nowhere on your hard disk.
  • Error messages from your operating system

To completely remove FileRepMalware

Unfortunately, updated and more serious malware can delete files on your system or even add suspicious new data to the device to ensure that the main virus is persistent and difficult to remove. If the FileRepMalware virus is present on the system, repeated errors will appear on the screen, and various programs will even stop from nowhere.

You should focus on removing FileRepMalware, because slow computer performance is just the beginning of the frustration and potential damage to your device that can cause this threat. If you store your personal information on the computer, malware can access it and even be used in other scams if you receive spam or suspicious phone calls.

Restart in safe mode

safe mode

  1. Open the Start menu.
  2. Click on the power button icon in the right corner of the Start menu to display the Power Options menu.
  3. Hold down the SHIFT key on the keyboard and click on the Restart option while holding down the SHIFT key.
  4. Click on the troubleshooting icon, then on Advanced Options -> Startup Settings. Click Restart.
  5. After restarting, click Enable Safe Mode with Network (option 5).

Use of a reliable antivirus program


The easiest way to remove File Rep malware from your system is to use a reliable antivirus application.

First, make sure you perform a complete system scan using legitimate and reliable antivirus and Internet security software that detects and removes the virus from the pirate browser without any problems. If you are not sure which security software to choose, take a look at our security page.

If you prefer to remove the infection manually, you can do so by cleaning your Windows registry, as File Rep Malware can also change the Windows registry of your device.

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