How to Remove Red Screen Virus Completely

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A new fraud report has appeared in various web browsers, including Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge. The fraud report is one of a series of technical support scams that typically occur in various web browsers, and its main purpose is to convince victims to call the fraud number and convince them to pay a significant amount to fake technical support specialists to repair their computer. If you see the critical red screen ERROR message on your computer, we recommend that you read the following article to learn how to delete the critical red screen ERROR message from your web browsers and how to get rid of any malware that causes these pop-ups on your computer.

Browser hacking programs are generally browser extensions that generally have one main purpose – to generate web ads, pop-ups, boxing messages, banners and page redirections to the user’s screen in order to take advantage of the famous Pay Per Click system. This technique allows browser hackers (and other online advertisers) to earn a small amount of money for each click the user makes on an ad. This also explains why the web ads you see (especially those generated by browser hackers) are often very cumbersome and invasive – they are all designed to force the user to interact with them, which means money for the developer of the pirate browser.

Does the red screen virus represent a real security threat?

To calm your mind, I would first like to tell you that this security alert is false. In fact, all web browsers are full of these technical support scams.

Note that no operating system (Windows, OsX or other) issues a warning in your web browser when a security threat is detected. With this information, it is easy to detect a false warning in your browser – they are all wrong!

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Almost all variants of this particular scam use JavaScript tricks to block your browser. It is important that none of these pop-ups install malware on your computer – that is why they are not detected as such by the built-in AV function or other third-party security scanners.


How were the adware installed on my computer?

As mentioned above, PUPs are distributed by a misleading marketing method called “bundling” – a disguised installation of third-party applications with regular software. Developers hide programs grouped in the “Custom” or “Advanced” settings of the download and installation processes. Unsuspecting users often rush these procedures and skip most steps, often leading to an accidental installation of PUPs.

Remove the Critical ERROR virus from your browser completely with a simple guide.

To remove critical errors and viruses, the red screen virus in Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome may seem like a simple task. However, you must find all the PUPs, kidnappers and adware that hide on your system and cause false ads when surfing the web. Typically, such threats infiltrate systems with legitimate software, so it is not surprising that you do not remember downloading such a virus to your computer.

If you want to speed up the whole process, we recommend that you use anti-malware software. Updated security software cannot simply fix critical bugs. It can also help you identify and terminate all suspicious PUPs. After completing this process, be sure to reset your web browsers to clean them completely.


Often, it is a fake window in one of your browsers, a scam to charge you for technical support you don’t need. They may be advertised on popular websites or links that appear legitimate but lead to false warnings.

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