How To Repair Fatal Error C0000022 on Windows Update (Solved)

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Fatal Error C000000022 is a Windows error that can occur when updating Windows 10, 8 or 7 operating systems. Usually, users receive the error message during the upgrade as soon as about 90% of the procedure is complete. Similarly, people cannot update their Windows.

Fatal Error C0000022

In addition, error C0000022 may also be caused by an unreliable third-party application, malware[2] or a virus that injected malicious code into the operating system and corrupted boot configuration data. Therefore, the system cannot be rebooted immediately after the update installation or after a random reboot.

Here is how to correct the fatal error C000000022:

Using the Start-up Repair

startup repair tool

Use Startup Repair to solve all your computer boot problems.

Startup Repair tries to solve all Windows 7 boot problems. To run the Startup Repair tool, follow these steps:

a) Restart your computer and press F8 on your keyboard. You must press F8 before the Windows logo appears. If the Windows logo appears, you must try again until the Windows login prompt appears, then turn off and restart your computer. Note: On a computer configured to boot with multiple operating systems, you can press F8 when the boot menu is displayed.

b) Use the arrow keys to select Repair Computer in the advanced boot options, then press ENTER. When prompted, select the Windows 7 installation you want to repair and click Next.

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c) Select the language and a keyboarding method and click Next.

d) Select a user name, enter your password and click OK.

e) Under System Recovery Options, click Startup Help. Note: If the repair process detects a problem when Windows 7 starts, it runs Startup Repair to resolve the problem automatically. Let this process end. Startup Repair may ask you to make decisions when it tries to solve the problem and, if necessary, it can restart your computer when it makes repairs.

f) In the Startup Repair window, click Finish.

g) Restart your computer when prompted.

Reset/restore or update your computer’s OS

A reset, recovery, refresh or other option can be used to correct the fatal error C0000022 in Windows operating systems. A reset or restore resets your computer to factory settings and a refresh removes all installed programs. An update does not leave documents, images, videos and other files on your hard drive, nor does it leave a reset or recovery.

Try the system restore function

If you installed the latest Windows update and your PC is locked with a fatal C0000022 error on reboot, you should force the system to shut down and try rebooting it. Once you have successfully entered your PC, proceed to the next correction. If you still cannot access the office, please restore the system:

  1. If your PC attempts to reboot, press the Shift key repeatedly;
  2. Select Repair your computer;
  3. Then click Troubleshooting and select Advanced Options;
  4. Finally, choose System Restore and wait for the Windows operating system to automatically launch the patches.

If any of these methods helped you resolve your problem with the fatal error C000000022, please let us know in the comments.

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