What is Juice Jacking and how to prevent it and protect your Smartphone

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5] Get a charging cable – There are two different types of USB cables on the market. Not everyone knows the difference between a pure charging cable and a data cable. There is no apparent visual clue to distinguish the two, but you can always make the difference by being a little more vigilant.

USB charging cables are supplied with two different types of connectors – one is the charging cable, the other is the cable with combined connectors (data+charge). The charging cable alone can never transfer the data and provides a higher charging current, which leads to a fast charge. Simply put, a pure charging cable is a two-wire cable, and a data cable is a four-wire cable. The use of the pure charging cable in public charging stations therefore reliably prevents the juice supply to your device.

6] Use phone security features – Most smartphones today are well equipped with security features, but we hardly use them. When you connect your phone to a USB cable, it asks permission to transfer the data or not. Click Cancel if you are using a public kiosk or other computer on which you do not rely. This stops all data transfer and only the power supply flows.

7] Use a USB condom Public charging stations generally provide USB charging ports and cables, and it is almost impossible to define whether or not any of them access your data, so it is always best to be very careful after all about your personal data. Using USB condoms is always a good idea to avoid juice jacking. Many of us may not even have heard of the term’USB condom’, yes, it’s actually the name of the little device, and that’s how it works.

What is a USB condom and how does it work

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A USB condom is a small dongle that can turn your data cable into a pure charging cable. It electronically disconnects the data transfer pins from the USB port and only allows power supply, which prevents juice from flowing. All you have to do is plug the USB condom into the end of your USB data cable and it will be converted into a pure charging cable, preventing any type of data transfer when using unreliable public charging terminals.

The term’juice jacking’ is not very common and was first used by Brian Krebs in his security blog. Juice Jacking is not that widespread, but yes, it is there and it can create a problem for your device. Therefore, it is always advisable to be careful when charging your phone in a public kiosk.

In short, you should avoid public charging stations, but if you need to use them in an emergency, be sure to follow the tips above and keep your device safe from risks such as data theft and malware trapping.

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