Kaspersky Internet Security Review

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Among the different Internet security suites available for the Windows operating system, Kaspersky Internet Security (KIS). The latest version Kaspersky Internet Security is efficient and easy to use.

Kaspersky Internet Security offers more protection than Kaspersky Anti-Virus – but less than Kaspersky Total Security. But what the Internet Security Suite offers is more than enough to completely protect you on the Internet. Kaspersky Internet Security offers antivirus, anti-spam, phishing, firewall, anti-ransomware and more. Let’s take a look at the features of this popular security suite.

Kaspersky Internet Security Review

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The installation file is 160 MB. Installation is child’s play and ran smoothly on Windows x64. After installation, it is a good idea to update the software and restart the computer immediately.

The user interface is simple, well organized and clean – not too many navigation options to confuse you. The main window informs you of the current status of your Kaspersky and Windows by displaying possible threats.

The first link you see on the navigation bar below is Scan. The security software offers you several ways to analyze your system. The full scan scans your entire computer, and it is recommended that you scan your computer completely immediately after installing the KIS. Then there is the Critical Area Scan, which only scans critical areas of the system such as the Windows folder, boot objects, etc. for malware. As such, it is completed quickly. You can also drag and drop suspicious files to search for malware.

Kaspersky Internet Security also allows you to check the vulnerabilities of software installed on your PC. By clicking Vulnerability Scan, all vulnerabilities in the system and third-party applications will be scanned, and you will be notified at the end if you need to update certain applications or change certain settings. This is ideal for increasing the security of your computer.

The following option allows you to specify how you want to keep Kaspersky Internet Security up to date. These update settings are best left at their default values. Updates are often available during the day. But I think downloading and installing signature updates is slow and takes longer than expected – the problem is probably with Kaspersky’s servers.

The Safe Money module automatically opens your browser windows in a secure environment after detecting that the URL visited is sensitive. So when you visit websites like PayPal or a banking website to make financial transactions, you will see Safe Money in action. Safe Money has received strong recognition, and Matousec has found that it blocks 100% of attacks in their tests. When I tried it with PayPal, it worked very well.

While Windows now offers excellent parental control features, Kaspersky Internet Security also offers a robust parental control module . This allows you to control other users’ computer usage.

The Application Activity module allows you to review the activities of all applications and processes running on your Windows. They are also classified as reliable, restricted, or unreliable to help you identify malware. Only admnistrator owned posts can execute the include me shortcode

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