Keyboard shortcut for the media player: Assign common keyboard shortcuts to all media players on your Windows PC

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How many media players have you installed on your Windows PC? I bet more than one. The most popular are Windows Media Player, VLC, Classic Media Player, Winamp and others. Everyone knows that different media players have different keyboard shortcuts or key combinations, and it becomes difficult to memorize them all and use them correctly each time. Frequent actions such as play, high volume, low volume, next, previous, previous, mute and pause require different key combinations on each media player.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could define a common set of shortcuts that would work for almost all media players on your computer? If so, you will certainly find this ticket useful.

I have found an application called MPH or Media Player Hotkeys that allows you to set custom shortcuts or hotkeys that can be used to control various media players on your computer. That simplifies things!

MPH – Media Player Hotkey

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Media Player Hotkeys is a free, portable Windows application that requires no installation. You download a ZIP file, extract it to a folder and start the executable file. Once you have launched it, you will see the following window with four tabs, namely

  1. Shortcuts
  2. Players
  3. Options
  4. Options
  5. Help

Hotkeys : This is the key area that executes the turn. On the right side, you see a drop-down list and three buttons at the bottom. All you have to do is select an action from the list, whether it’s play, pause, next, previous, and so on, and then click the Add Shortcut Key button. This will open another window. Select an appropriate key by selecting the checkboxes / radio buttons and items from the list. Click Accept.

That’s all; you can now use the shortcut keys on all media players. You can also assign keyboard shortcuts for different actions in the drop-down list and use them independently of the media player currently in use.

Players: This is the section that informs you about the software support for the different players. Note that MPH does not fully support some older media players. They are listed on this tab page. Currently 19 media players are supported, including 1×1, AIMP, AIMP, AIMP3, ALPlayer, ALSong, Billy, CoolPlayer, Foobar2000 WA, Foobar2000 WA, Foobar2000, KMPlayer, Light Alloy, Media Player Classic, PotPlayer, Quintessential Media Player, Screamer Radio, STP, Spider Player, Trout, VLC, Winamp and Windows Media Player.

Options : Provides settings and options for using MPH.

Help: The tab gives some general advice.

Delete key combinations

To delete the assigned keys, you must delete the folder in which you unzipped the ZIP file from the program. Simply delete the folder and you can delete all shortcut keys.

You can visit the developer’s website here to download MPH.

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