Labrys replaces the Windows Start and Run Menu dialog box

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Windows 10/8.1 are good operating systems, but not everyone likes the design of the boot menu. Now there are several options to change the Start menu to your liking, but today we will focus on Labry’s Start menu . Free software is easy to understand, which is great because not everyone who uses Windows can be considered an advanced user. Having something that doesn’t go with a deep learning curve is more than welcome in today’s world.

If you are using Windows 10/8/7 and need a new look for your Start menu and a feature-rich Run dialog box, please see Labry’s Start menu. It uses a different approach to provide fast access to applications and command line programs with keyboard, mouse and touch.

Remember that Labry’s Start menu in its current form exceeds 26 MB, a size that is quite small when your Internet network is broadband. Once the download is complete, double-click on the installation, and from there, it’s time to cast magic.

Labry’s Start Menu & Run Box replacement

Once the installation is complete, it’s time to test all the cool features it brings to the table to enhance your Windows 10/8/7 experience.

The interface consists of two primary panels that you can access via the Start menu. We must say that starting Labrys Start menu is very fast; it is even faster than Windows 10 Start menu.

After starting the menu, all the necessary things are available. The administration accessories and Windows are on the left, while the settings are available on the right.

Like the Windows 10 Start menu, all programs are now sorted alphabetically. You can click on an alphabet to quickly access the program you want to start, and once again this task is faster than the normal menu.

This is not good with Labrys’ default theme, but it works, and much better than expected. In addition, there is a search and execute box at the top of the menu. If you just want to find or execute a command, these fields make things much faster.

When it comes to the power button, it does what you expect, so no surprises.

What is in the Labrys Settings area

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Here we see some options that can change the appearance and operation of the menu. If desired, it is possible to achieve a compact appearance and use modern applications. Users can also change the colors of certain menu areas if they want something more individual.

It is even better when you see an executor window with the Run command and a shortcut folder for the application. This is undoubtedly a powerful boot menu, but we bet it is better used by advanced Windows 10 users.

Please note that switching to the normal start menu does not require uninstalling the Labry start menu. Simply start the menu, navigate to the right column and select Regular Start Menu.

Overall, we like it, and we’ll use it for a while to see if it’s worth using Labry’s Start menu in the long run. You can download Labry’s start menu from the official website on the right here.

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