Applications that help you learn Windows 8 and its keyboard shortcuts

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I have been using my new Windows 8 computer since last month and am very satisfied. Although I missed the boot button here in this latest Microsoft operating system, but now that I’m good with keyboard shortcuts, it seems pretty simple and simple to me.

Yes, using keyboard shortcuts is the best way to allow a user to use the latest versions of Windows 8. Windows Store has many interesting applications and some of them have helped me find keyboard shortcuts for my Windows 8 computer system. I describe these applications here in my article to help my readers become familiar with the new confusing Windows 8 interface.

1. Windows cheat key

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This is the first application I want to enter here. The’Windows Cheat Keys’ application contains many useful key combinations and the best thing is that each key combination contains a brief description of its use. If you think you don’t need a description to use these shortcuts, you’re wrong. This application has many new keyboard shortcuts that you may never have heard of before and cannot use without proper knowledge.

Windows Cheat Keys also keeps the user informed of the latest updates of the application.

2nd shortcut

As its name suggests, this application offers quick suggestions for some very useful shortcuts. However, there are a few words with each abbreviation that explain its use, but these are quite understandable. This application contains keyboard shortcuts that can be used by any Windows 8 user.

3 Windows 8

This application contains a list of shortcuts for Windows 8 users. The shortcuts of this application are very well divided into three categories – Common, Charms and Desktop. It has a very simple black and white interface.

4) Ultimate Windows 8 shortcuts

This is a simple application with some simple but useful shortcuts. The application should include other typical keyboard shortcuts in the near future.

5 Windows 8 – The complete manual

If you are looking for a complete guide to understand how Windows 8 works, you must install this application immediately on your computer system. This application includes high resolution and detailed video presentations that explain the features of Windows 8. The application is linked to the best technology magazine in the world Computeractive and therefore always offers the latest technology news feeds.

Let me know what is your favorite application to learn Windows 8 keyboard shortcuts!

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