MiniTool ShadowMaker allows you to quickly backup and restore data

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Nowadays, you should always take care of your data to protect yourself against the risk of being a victim of ransom. In addition to using security software, you should regularly back up your computer to be safe. Today, we are introducing a new backup software called MiniTool ShadowMaker that allows you to backup and restore data very quickly.

MiniTool ShadowMaker backup software

There are many free backup software on the market, but when it comes to features, MiniTool ShadowMaker should certainly get a place.

MiniTool ShadowMaker properties

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  • Backup system or any file: This is the main feature of this tool. Speaking of which, you can either back up the entire system or one specific drive at a time with this software. Not just a backup, you can restore your backup at any time.
  • Schedule backups: In most cases, you forget to create the backup. To solve this problem, you can schedule your backup. Depending on the settings, this tool automatically creates backups.
  • Incremental backup: You can only create a full backup. From the second time, an incremental backup is created. However, with this setting, you can choose how many backups you want to keep in the group.
  • Disk clone: This function is useful when you need to migrate your files from disk to SSD or vice versa. In other words, you can create a mirror of your existing hard disk on a new hard disk.
  • WinPE Bootable Media Builder: If you are familiar with WinPE Bootable Media Builder, you can create it with this option.

This tool contains some additional functions.

Using MiniTool ShadowMaker

To start using this tool, download and install it on your computer. After the execution, it will be proposed to you to make a backup of your computer or a remote computer. To backup your computer, select This computer and proceed. Otherwise, select Remote Computer.

To create a backup file, press the SET UP BACKUP button under the Home tab. You must now select the source and target drives.

You can create custom destination folders based on your needs. Then click the Save Now button . The Manage tab appears, where you can manage all backups.

If you want to schedule a backup, you must also click the Schedule button and select the time at which you want to perform the backup. As for the time it took me about 4 minutes to create the system disk backup, which is about 47 GB.

Another important feature of this tool is Clone disk, and it can be found in the Tools tab . Here, you must select both the source player and the target player.

After clicking the OK button, you can clone your hard disk.

It’s as simple as that. If you wish, you can download this software from yesterday. This free backup software is available for Windows 10/8/7.

Other free MiniTool software that might interest you:

  • MiniTool Power Data Recovery Free Edition
  • MiniTool Partition Wizard Home Edition.

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